WUNDERKIND Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Show from WUNDERKIND on Vimeo.

Spring is the season of escape and WUNDERKIND’s Spring/Summer collection is pure liberation, tearing up the rule book of conservative style as it embraces every inch of the carefree freedom that Summer affords.

The Spring/Summer WUNDERKIND woman is wild and rebellious with polished, sleek edges, assuming an achingly cool diva aesthetic with athletic accents. Humbug pinstripes, snakeskin biker jackets, white suits that scream Bianca Jagger and full-length jumpsuits all exude pure 70s glamour. As models strut down a catwalk lined with the trappings of rock, supertroupers, drum kits and sound equipment, we feel like guests in the backstage sanctum of superstars: the WUNDERKIND girl is with the band.

This season, WUNDERKIND’s creator Wolfgang Joop works with a bold and generous colour palette, splashed without caution across the collection in a vibrant explosion of vitality. A whirl of textures from fringing, denim and animal print to clashing florals, fishnet and a distinctive patchwork of international flags all have their moments in a collection that is deliciously diverse. Patterns and cuts are clashed with fearless panache, layers of prints and fabrics creating a collage of texture and depth. More grown-up tones of structured corsets, playsuits and blazers accessorised with waist-cinching belts juxtapose rebellious moments of youthful urban-inspired style, with varsity t-shirts slipped under suits and free, billowing silhouettes floating along the catwalk.
Joop fuses youth culture with retro styling, channelling the kind of teenage rebellion that is tinged with more glitz than grunge. Rejecting the uniformity of the digital age, this collection oozes character with a laissez-faire attitude that celebrates the freedom and thrown-together creativity of individual style.

This is rebellion at its most glamorous. It is wonderful. It is WUNDERKIND.

Words / Lara Tutton
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