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The Winds of Autumn is a spectacular fashion film by award-winning photographer and film director Hervé Demers. Shot near Victoriaville (two hours north-west from Montreal), Winds of Autumn uses the exquisite Canadian landscape as a background for the work of four designers from Montreal Fashion Week 2013. The 3 minute long video captures a gathering of 150,000 snow geese, a phenomenon which only happens during one week of the year. Coupled with the delicate pieces from Anastasia Lomonova, Martin Lim, Anomal Couture and Helmer, Winds of Autumn bewitchingly combines natural beauty with man-made art, making us fall in love with both all over again.

Recently Hervé Demers has joined the London based production company: Leap Films. No doubt the beginning of an alliance made in cinematic heaven.

This online exclusive has been produced by:
Director, Editor & Colourist / Hervé Demers
Art Direction & Styling / Olivia Leblanc @Folio
Makeup Artist / Julie Bégin @ Gloss
Hair Stylist / Emmanuelle Campolieti @ Gloss
Camera / Hong An Nguyen
Montreal Designers /
Anastasia Lomonova
Martin Lim
Anomal Couture
Models /
Camille @ Folio Montreal
Robin @ Folio Montreal
VFX / Visna Chau
Music / Vincent Fournier-Boisvert

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