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Bavarian Beer House

Our wonderful caterers for the evening, Bavarian Beerhouse, kept the food and drinks flowing on board in true German style.

The renowned Bavarian Beerhouse offered an authentic German experience with hearty Bavarian food of Olympic proportions. Our guests loosened their designer belts to enjoy German classics; think warm doughy pretzels, sausages and sweet apple strudel.

With a chain of restaurants throughout London, Bavarian Beerhouse know how to put on a good spread and an even better party. In 2004 Bavarian Beerhouse brought the world’s biggest beer festival Oktoberfest to London for the first time. Since then it has firmly established itself as the UK’s Number One Oktoberfest Specialist. At our event Bavarian Beerhouse brought their Oktoberfest atmosphere to the decks of the MS Deutschland for all to savour and enjoy. Service on board was provided by charming waitresses and waiters in traditional Bavarian Lederhosen dresses which rounded off the truly authentic culinary experience.

When in Germany, do as the Germans do. Prost!

König Pilsner

Here at Schön we like to indulge in the finer things in life. During Schön’s pre-Olympic ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ party, guests were offered the ‘King of Beers’, a German brand of beer that promotes success on a professional and pleasurable level. Its target audience reflects the high class standard of beer itself, a person of stature and ambition, absolutely ready to take on the world.

This slick brand has been fronted by two successful German natives, actor Til Schweiger and tennis ace Boris Becker presenting both men decked in the sharpest suits leaning by a bar holding onto a glass of Germany’s finest.

The fairest reward for a successful day’ is the tagline written beside Til Schweiger in the advertisement – Schön! has reached the heights of success due to ambition and hard work and so its association with this brand of beer is fitting.

Weingut Dr.Heger

A wine of class and exquisite taste suits the people of Schön’s taste buds just perfectly. Just as well that the wine served at Schön’s ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ event was produced by Weingut Dr. Heger which, during the 1960s, was established as one of the best wineries in the country and this still stands true decades later.

Weingut Dr. Heger is one of the highest quality wines of Germany, appropriate for an evening of celebrations such as Schön’s pre-Olympic event, or a break from the hustle of daily life.

A perfect accessory for a night out with the girls wearing your favourite LBD, and just as great whilst resting on the couch at home after a long day. Adaptable, yet the high quality taste never changes.

Camitz Vodka

Making sure our ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ party went off with a POP! was Camitz Sparkling Vodka, a unique and extraordinary 100% all natural and refreshing Sparkling Vodka made in Sweden. This luxurious sparkling vodka is the first of its kind. Combining sparkling fizz with the smooth pure taste of vodka, the ‘exceptionally superior’ vodka has an air of champagne. Complete with a cork for popping, Camitz added a real feel of jubilation to our event.

The two men behind this ingenious and original spirit are Peter Camitz and Mattias Lindberger. They wanted to challenge the world of vodka with something completely new and different. They have lofty ambitions, confidently asserting that Camitz Sparkling Vodka has the potential to be the best brand of vodka in the world.

The elegant spirit can be enjoyed in several ways; our guests were offered delicious, fruity vodka smoothies. Camitz Sparkling Vodka not only refreshed our guests on a hot summer evening, but also brought an added sparkle to the proceedings.   

Club Mate UK

Club-mate UK is an organic drink made by the Loscher Brewery in Germany which was also served at Schön’s pre-Olympic event. It is a caffeinated carbonated beverage made from Maté which is an ancient South American jungle plant with a unique combination of stimulants. It has high caffeine content and low sugar content so the beverage tastes like a soft drink, however slightly less sweet. The drink grew popular in the Berlin club scene throughout the 90s as it was a healthier option than your average energy drinks.

The drink consists of natural ingredients and is packaged in glass bottles, the most environmental friendly form of liquid packaging. Club-mate is a high class drink available in four flavours, each providing a refreshing taste. 

Purple Balance Superfoods

Who better to refresh our palettes on a hot summer evening than Purple Balance Superfoods. They were on stand-by with delicious, mouth-watering smoothies to provide our guests with the perfect summer cooler and that little health kick.

Purple Balance are an exciting, spirited young company who use only the healthiest, most natural ingredients in their versatile powdered products. The vibrant brand was created in 2010 by Frank Arrigazzi, a man passionate about a natural healthy way of living.

In this health conscious age the products really do tick all the right boxes: high nutritional content, 100% gluten and dairy free and all super delicious and guilt free. Purple Balance Superfoods believe in the power of nature, meaning our guests could simply relax, sip their smoothies and let nature get to work.


Schwarzkopf is the hairstyling brand we are all familiar with, with good reason. Schwarzkopf promotes bold, edgy styling, matching Schön’s artistic direction, never afraid to push visual boundaries. Frequently advertised through magazines and TV shows, it’s difficult to miss the popular hair care movement that is Schwarzkopf. This company has been established for decades, focusing on producing quality colorants, toiletries, styling and hygiene products and fragrances.

Schwarzkopf Professional is a top brand of excellent high standard salon products which have been used to style numerous celebrities attending public events. We couldn’t think of a more suitable brand to sponsor the glamorous and stylish pre-Olympic event organised by Schön. Founded in Berlin by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1898, Schwarzkopf has continued to excel in the world of hairdressing for over a century, and here at Schön we were ecstatic to have them as our sponsors for the evening.

Positive Energy Bands

Positivity is a simple concept, yet so powerful. Here at Schön! we are great believers in the power of a positive attitude. The company +Positive Energy Bands, promoters of the importance of a positive outlook on life, were partners for Schön’s ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ party. Each guest received one of their stylish Positive Energy Bands, silicone bracelets embedded with anion emitting powders. The bands are designed to counteract the negative effects of a highly stressful world and boost performance, be it in sports or in everyday life.

Available in a range of colours, the bands have turned into a must have fashion accessory. They have been seen decorating the wrists of stars such as Robert De Niro, David Beckham and Kate Middleton, who attribute much of their success to a positive way of thinking. Benefits of Negative Ions include increased sustained energy, concentration, balance and flexibility. As well as boosting performance to the maximum potential, the bands also serve as a constant reminder of a positive attitude, even in the face of negativity.

At ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ we made sure that our guests always had their metaphorical glasses half full thanks to Positive Energy Bands.

Wilkinson Sword

Free Your Skin’ is the tagline for this brand of razors produced in Germany that ensure silky smooth, hydrated skin and a satisfyingly moisturising effect. Originally a brand that produced swords back in 1772 up until 2005, the manufacturer that currently owns Wilkinson Sword – Energizer Holdings – directs the company to mainly produce excellently modified razors that cater to every user’s maintenance and hygienic needs, men and women alike.

The adverts that have promoted this brand for the last three years demonstrate that this product is suitable for men and women on the go; it is quick and easy to use with perfectly smooth results. Who said self- conditioning had to be time consuming? This is certainly not the case with Wilkinson Sword razors, which provides an element of indulgence within a simple process.

Coco Photobooths

Here at Schön! we captured our glamorous evening in the hottest form, with the one and only Coco Photobooth. Created by photographer and film maker Leo Ferenc, Coco Photobooth’s had everything we needed to capture a genuinely spectacular evening for everyone who attended our ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ event. Everyone had the opportunity to take a piece of the evening home with them in a fun and instant way, and what’s more, if you were feeling a different look for the booth we had a fun dressing up box filled with giant afros and similar sized sunglasses. Coco Photobooth’s come in several different ways, we chose to have the classic booth but there is also fun London taxi booths on offer in several different styles.

The experience was unique and perfectly fitting to our night, an instant memoir of the evening that everybody could enjoy together. Our sponsors have years of experience in the field of photography, which meant the images weren’t your usual unflattering passport shots, instead the images were well lit and studio like, just another great addition to our truly Schön! evening. 


Drew is a branding company that ensures that each client it supports establishes a secure, marketable brand for their business, creating intrigue and attention, gaining commercial success for the future.

Drew partnered with Schön editor Raoul Keil in 2006 to create professional online creative network Nineteen74. They helped create the wings logo for the website based on the message to ‘take flight’, promoting fearlessness in the face of ambition, determination and dedication in the creative industries. Schön magazine developed from this network, promoting the members of Nienteen74 and Drew continues to support this creative network and the magazine, solidifying Schön as a brand in itself, becoming one of the new majorly successful publications of the last three years.

Of course Drew offered their support for Schön’s pre-Olympic event, continuing their loyalty with the magazine as well as enjoying the success of a network they have helped build and nurture.



Berocca: “You, but on a really good day.” We made sure every single guest at our event experienced a “really good day” by providing them with samples of Berocca in their goodie bags. German brand Berocca is a fun and healthy way to get more vitamins and minerals in your everyday diet. With flavours ranging from orange to mixed berries, taking one Berocca every morning is sure to set you up for the day ahead.

Our guests already looked fabulous on the outside and Berocca had them feeling even better on the inside!


Taking care of the registration for our guest list was Amiando, the worldwide platform for online event registration and ticketing.

DJ Jonbenet

You know you’ve walked into a party when DJ JONBENET is spinning the tracks. Bringing the funky, lively atmosphere required for a cool evening of celebrations, DJ JONBENET made every guest move to the music at Schön’s pre-Olympic event.

You can’t miss this long, blonde-haired DJ as he sure likes to make his presence felt through his music and eccentric appearance. If you are not already aware of DJ JONBENET, you should be after reading this.

Words/ Escher Walcott, Lilidh Kendrick, Scarlett Casciello-Rogers

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