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Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications

Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications

Designers Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia are not your ordinary fashion couple. The husband and wife duo first came together at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, only to discover how well they could work together. After marriage, they created a luxurious fashion textile and embroidery company that caters to some of the most revered names in the industry: Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, and Oscar de la Renta to name a few.

The Sachin + Babi brand is relatively new. Although founded in 2009, Sachin + Babi debuted their first runway show during New York Fashion Week in Fall 2012. The Sachin + Babi woman has continually been transformed season to season as the designers were evolving to find their voice. From the beginnings of resort ready-to-wear, to their Fall 2012 leather-clad bad girl from their Spring 2013 biker-chic bohemian, to their most recent floral and fresh collection – it seems as though Sachin + Babi have ultimately found what they have been looking for.

Who is the Sachin + Babi woman?

Babi: She’s me and she’s you. She’s any girl who has a busy life and an elevated taste of dressing. She knows value in clothing. It’s the energetic woman who has multiple lives and a demanding career.

How would you describe your own personal styles?

Sachin: Our personal style shows a lot in our collection. We look for a sophisticated ease in dressing. A modern woman’s life is quite demanding. I think she’s looking at value in everything. Moreover, women are a lot more informed today. Through media, bloggers, and magazines, women have developed increasingly aspirational desires. This is one of the cornerstones of us starting our brand. We aimed to make clothing a little more accessible, to have that aspirational sense of style with an ease that the Sachin + Babi girl can merge into her wardrobe.

How do you work together?

Babi: I’ve known [Sachin] half my life. I know his creative genius; I know what makes him tick. Sachin is the creative maestro that comes up with ideas, style, and details. Then, I come in as a point of inspiration saying, ‘This is where we should go in terms of colour, in terms of point of view.’ I talk to him about the designs and how I would wear them. We try to wear different hats as much as possible. That really helps the balance.

Have you two ever clashed on a design concept?

Sachin: Everyday.
Babi: No, not everyday! (laughs)
Sachin: For every great partnership, I think it’s very important for one person to be creative and the other person to give instruction, to pull it together.
Babi: People presume I am the designer because I am the girl, but I tell them while I am right brained, I do have a sense of structure. He is super creative, and I help get him contained.

How are you using social media for your brand?

Sachin: In a very organic way. We use Instagram and Twitter, I’ve always been fascinated by it. I follow bloggers and I find they give an immediate perspective on what’s going on now. And it’s that word ‘now’ that sums up social media.
Babi: True street fashion is very inspirational and there’s nothing like seeing it on the blogosphere. Bloggers really know how today’s fashion is worn. They combine mainstream brands and elevated brands.

For Sachin + Babi’s Spring 2014 Collection, we can see the couple’s signature embroidered details combined with delicate lattice stitching in the form of magnolia flowers. The colour palette consisted of crisp white, Persian blue, athletic grey, and classic black. Having played with cropped tops, full skirts, and shibori prints, Sachin + Babi have paved the way for an innovative, modern woman. The designer duo has proven that they are definitely ones to watch.

Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications

Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications


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