unlimited youth

jacket. Studio Nicholson
top. Murral
shirts. Facetasm
top. Soe Women

Learn to express your individuality with this Schön! online editorial, photographed by Tetsuya Maehara. As Kentaro Katsu transforms make up into oeuvres, models Yuna Ishizawa, Mohamed, Lee Yoko, Zach, Yoshinori Yanagisawa, Jan and Arisa Asakawa uncover the beautiful intricacies of their respective styles. Looks include Facetasm, Murral and Leinwande, styled by Yuto Inagaki. Each ensemble is also completed with striking hair by Hirotaka Okunuki

vest + jumper. Allege
shirts. Scye
tie. Stylist’s Own
jacket. Itty-Bitty
shirts. Katharine Hamnett Archive
shirts. Allege
top. Stylist’s Own

jacket. Facetasm
top. Leinwande
shirts. Facetasm
top. Converse Tokyo

vest. Jil Sander
shirts + top. Stylist’s Own
shirts. FILA
t-shirts. Brain Dead
dungarees. Stylist’s Own

jacket. salvy:
shirts. Hotel Blue
top. Stüssy
trousers. Stylist’s Own
jumper. Soe

shirts. Soe
t-shirts. Chrystie NYC
top. Stylist’s Own
jacket. Kaptainsunshine
jacket. Stüssy
shirts. Undefeated
top. Salvy:

vest. Allege
shirts. Comme Des Garcons Homme Deux
top. Stüssy
glasses. Buddy Optical
scarf. Stylist’s Own
coat + jumper. Allege
hairband. A-Cold-Wall*

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Tetsuya Maehara
fashion. Yuto Inagaki
models. Yuna Ishizawa @ Unknown Models, Mohamed @ West Management, Lee Yoko @ Light Management, Zach @ West Management, Yoshinori Yanagisawa, Jan @ West Management, + Arisa Asakawa @ Meta-Link
hair. Hirotaka Okunuki
make up. Kentaro Katsu


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