under the skin

top. Calvin Luo
harness. Zana Bayne
jacket. Tableaux Vivants


At the forefront of fashion, photographer Alberto Maria Colombo and producer Sheri Chiu sat down with ten models with extraordinary features and powerful looks. These individuals were born with unusual characteristics, and have been boldly harnessing the media as a tool to challenge and transform our outdated ideas of conventional beauty. In the midst of the body-positivity and diversity movements, we encourage you to go beneath the surface and examine Under the Skin: a portrait series of a courageous new generation. 

dress. Kaimin
top. Jivomir Domoustchiev

jacket. The Blonds
suit. Koché

suit. Linder
earrings. Alexis Bittar
top + trousers. Namilia
shorts. The Blonds

dress. Tableaux Vivants
jacket. Vasilis Loizides


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Alberto Maria Colombo
production. Sheri Chiu
fashion. Tamara Barkley
make up. Mariko Arai using NARS Cosmetics
hair. William Schaedler using Living Proof
model. Diandra Forrest @ Krush MGMT
model. Tia Jonsson @ Anti Agency
model. Stephen Thompson @ Major
model. Devonte S. @ Krush MGMT
model. Brooks Ginnan
model. Marquis Crawford @ St. Claire Models
model. Ralph Souffrant @ Next
model. Bice Dustin @ First Model Management
model. Raymond Forrest
model. Juliya Madorskaya
fashion assistant. Lily Chang

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