blouse. Naya Rea / AA-Collected
jumpsuit + earrings. Vanessa Schreiner
dress. Naya Rea / AA-Collected
skirt. Runway Vienna
necklace. In or Near

Ogle at this glossy Schön! online editorial photographed by Sebastian Kapfhammer. Enveloped in stylist Jon Eric Hegeman’s explosive ruffles, textures and sheer, model Lydia glows with lustrous make up by Christine Akbaba, reigned in by David Dorella subtle hair work.

gown. Anelia Peschev
corsage. Larissa Falk

shirt. Vanessa Schreiner
bustier top. Anelia Peschev
trousers. Cha•rak•ter
jeans + jumper. Vanessa Schreiner
dress. Anelia Peschev
heels. United Nude

skirt. Runway Vienna
bodysuit. Wolf Rayet London
coat. Michel Mayer

skirt. Runway Vienna
coat. Naya Rea / AA-Collected
heels. United Nude
gown. Michel Mayer
shorts. Vanessa Schreiner

gown. Annelia Peschev
jacket. Howl available at AA-Collected

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Sebastian Kapfhammer 
fashion. Jon Eric Hegeman 
model. Lydia Kramberger @ Addicted to Models 
hair. David Dorella 
make up. Christine Akbaba 
assistant. Valerie Maltseva


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