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Today, March 8, it’s International Women’s Day and multimedia artist Juliet Casella is helping us celebrate with these nine animated collages, which have been compiled into one video here, spotlighting nine trailblazing women.

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video collage. Juliet Casella
featuring photography and video from. Victoria Lafaurie, Monsieurtok, Katherina Acevedo, Lunaaharst, Bleu Nuit Tv / Maky, Louise Carrasco, Theo Gosselin, Ramen PolanskiLagrainenoire
women. Klara Kristin (actress), Ylva Falk (dancer), Soko and Stella (singers, actresses, and photographers), Dustin Muchuvitz (model), Joanna (singer), Morgane Ortin (writer), Maud Chalard (photographer), Ramen Polanski (artist) + Marguerite Thiam (actress)
music. Klara Kristin’s “Saint-Tropez”

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