the sound of heartbreak

When you’re an artist, you deal with both love and pain by creating art. This piece is a passion project created by Mariel Gomsrud and Marita Gomsrud and dedicated to their mentor and dear friend David Solomini, an incredible artist and beautiful human being. If there was anyone who embodied love, it was him. It still is him.

With this piece, the two directors explore the theme of heartbreak on a personal level, as well as the overall heartbreak of the world. Heartbreak is something we all share; there is no sound when a heart breaks, it’s too painful or even impossible to create a sound that encapsulates such a loss. The beauty is that the vast amount of pain we all feel when we lose someone reflects just how much we loved them. The pain is as deep as the love. Love and loss show how connected we all are; love is our ultimate salvation. The voice over is an excerpt from the poem “On Love” by Khalil Gibran with filming for the visuals taking place during the pandemic in Dumont Dunes, Mono Lake, Mammoth, Trona Pinnacles and Oxnard CA.

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

direction + production. Mariel Gomsrud + Marita Gomsrud @ For Love Productions
cinematography + executive production. Matthew Sakatani Roe
casts. Darren “Outrage” King, Cherish Waters, Lahsoul The Pale Horse + Grey Jean Crouch
ac. John Calabrese
op. Ryan Wood
editing. Jonah Sublette
colorist. Billy Landry
music. “The Sound Of Heartbreak” by Gabe Morgenroth
vocals. Marita Gomsrud + Harmon Clarke
strings. Isaiah Gage
voice over. Lee Robson Spence

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