the reverie of youth

Vivienne Lin wears
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During childhood, we dream that we would be someone. That small dream can develop and get larger as we grow up or it can be buried deep inside the bottom of our hearts. For this project, Ou Yang Cheng Po, Sting Hsieh and Weic Lin gather a group of people who still remember their childhood dreams. Even though they haven’t become exactly the person they saw in their dreams, through the creation of these images they see the power of dreams, rooted in people’s hearts whenever and wherever we are.

Vivienne Lin — from freelance writer to ballet dancer

“I wanted to become a ballet dancer to experience the ultimate liberation and control of my body, and to feel the passion that flows around my body.”



Wen-Ting Guo wears
jacket, top + skirt. Minnanhui
leggings + shoes. Stylist’s own
Ming-Yan Ho wears
shirt + trousers. Alexstorm


Wen-Ting Guo — from student to betel nut beauty

“When I was a child, I passed by a small shop with my family. I really admired the betel nut beauties, standing behind the table, wrapping betel nuts calmly and elegantly, waiting for clients, and also protecting each other from the sex assaulting due to their dresses. I wanted to be someone strong, independent, and hot just like them.”

Ming-Yan Ho — from hair and make up artist to excavator driver

“I have always loved animals. Yet as a child, I had dreamt about becoming an excavator driver, racing on highways, hustling between destinations to protect endangered animals and wildlife.”

Yu Liu wears
jacket. Minnanhui
shirt. Cheng Pai Cheng
skirt. Laurence & Chico
socks. Lifebeat
shoes. Stylist’s own
Chin-Mei Chen wears
coat. Laurence & Chico
skirt + shoes. Stylist’s own
suitcase. Ookonn


Yu Liu — from art student to kawaii girl

“In my childhood, I spend a lot of times in the comic shop near my parents’ house. And at the time, I was really fascinated by this cute, little girl. She looked like the characters that would have been seen in every series. For the most part, they are the most popular and welcomed by all, and are described as a pure combination of all the attractions and perfections. Yet, other features besides their physical attractions are not always specified. For a very long period of time, I really dreamt about becoming this kind of glamorous and popular figure who seemingly has nothing to do, but to always be kawaii.”

Chin-Mei Chen — from housewife to flight attendant

“I grew up in a very small and remote village. That made me want to be a flight attendant so that I could leave this small place, fly around the world and see different things that I never have seen. Now, since my job as a housewife is quite easy to do, I want to go back to the remote villages and help those children who live there without enough resources to achieve their dreams.”

Ting-Wei Chang wears
trousers. Ray Chu
shirt, vest + hat. Stylist’s own
socks. Provocateur
Sheng-Yu Lin wears
accessories. Agaric Garden


Ting-Wei Chang — from actress to zookeeper

“Spending times with animals is the best thing on earth, not to mention making a living doing it. The best thing is that I still got a chance to do it now.”

Sheng-Yu Lin — from student to God

“Physical and mental issues have long put me in a status of instability, and heavy medication is used to make sure things are on track. It sucks to know that you are not the actual person having the power over your own life. And if I could, I wanted to have the power to change the world, to become the king of my own world, and to become something like… a God?”

Ruyi Zheng wears
shirt + trousers. Ruiyue Liu
accessories. Yvmin


Ruyi Zheng — from journalist to pianist

“I started taking piano lessons from an early age and had always enjoyed the times despite all the efforts demanded to make any progress. However, I was forced to give it up for choosing a more academic path.”

Yi-Ling Jong wears
coat. Stylist’s own
shirt. Ruiyue Liu
socks. Sabrina Hsieh X Lifebeat
glasses. Yvmin


Yi-Ling Jong — from artist to mangaka

“I used to draw every night, and I thought it would be wonderful if what I made became real right in front of me, which the best way is to draw them down. I had so much in mind, waiting to be told, and I think that was why I wanted to be a mangaka.”

Gado Lai wears
jacket, shirt + shorts. Ruiyue Liu
shoes. Vittorio Ventura
earring. Yvmin
Shu-De Lee wears
jacket + jumper.
trousers. Cheng Pai Cheng
socks. Lifebeat
loafers. Giuseppe Zanotti


Gado Lai — from housewife to travel blogger

“When I was young, I wanted to travel around the world, so I wanted to save a lot of money to see all kinds of things. However, growing up, I realised I couldn’t achieve my dream. I met my husband, the man I love. I am a housewife now, but I still have an open mind. I’m willing to see and try something new. I hope that one day, when my children are old enough, I can follow the dream I had with my husband and go anywhere.”

Shu-De Lee — from hair and make up artist to singer

“When I was young, I wanted to stand on the stage, be a singer. I was admitted to the actor training class of CTS where I started to learn how to do hair and makeup. I realized that I was actually suitable for the work behind the scenes, instead of being someone on the stage.”


Eddison wears
shorts. Ray Chu
David Huang wears
short + trousers. Alexstorm
socks. Lifebeat X


Calvin Liu — from student to boxer

“I wanted to be a boxer because when I was a child, my classmates and I used to discuss together the fights we’d seen on TV the night before. I really enjoyed the feeling of being together. The passion and enthusiasm were palpable. Most importantly, I wanted to be as brave as a real boxer.”

David Huang — from cook to baseball player

“When I was young, my family would watch baseball games together and my cousin would always take me to the baseball game to cheer for our team. When I watched a baseball game with my family, the feeling of cheering together and especially being excited together made me feel so good.”

William Ko wears
jacket + bottom. Laurence & Chico


William Ko — from product designer to birthday cake

“I wanted to become a birthday cake. In my childhood, celebrating my birthday with a proper birthday cake was a luxury for my very humble family. The fact that my friends could always celebrate their own special day with families and friends and a nicely decorated birthday cake was something I always felt envious of.”


*The quotes in this piece have been edited for clarity.

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photography. Ou Yang Cheng Po
art direction + hair. Weic Lin
set design. Ou Yang Cheng Po, Sting Hsieh + Weic Lin
fashion. Cliff Chu talents. Vivienne Lin, William Ko, Ruyi Zheng, Chin-Mei Chen, Shu-De Lee, Ming-Yan Ho, Ting-Wei Chang, Gado Lai, Yi-Ling Jong, Wen-Ting Guo, Yu Liu, Calvin Liu, David Huang + Sheng-Yu Lin
make up. Sting Hsieh
body painting. Summer Wei
videography. Zeng Uz
video editing. Ou Yang Cheng Po
contributors. Calvin Liu, Cong Ting Zgou, Eddi Shi, Eddison Hsu, Gado Lai, Grace Yen, Ke Jyun Deng, Monica Li, Po Tsang Ho, Sheng Ping Tseng + Zi Jyu Ou


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