the dreaming diary | woman in love

Ulla Fudge created “The Dreaming Diary” to highlight the importance of dreams, specifically how nightmares reflect our subconscious fears and paranoia. The project consists of seven filmed nightmares with symbolism that can reach wide audiences. We all experience nightmares at some point in our lives. Some nightmares we experience repeatedly, for example being followed, running from something or losing teeth. Hence the idea is to position the separate filmed nightmares in a dark museum space so the viewer can experience it almost in a dream-like reality.

Fudge decided to mirror the visual elements of real nightmares by making most of the footage stripped of colour as most of the dreams are colourless with sound being distorted. Although drawing from Freudian analysis of dreams, Fudge decided to fully subordinate my mind to the unconscious and not explanatory side of nightmares and did not plan them fully before filming. Fudge had in their head a rough draft but allowed their subconscious to connect them instinctively rather than follow a logical storyline.

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

creator + director. Ulla Fudge
producer. Claire Oxley + Ulla Fudge
dop. Jason Ellis, Yue Hou, Andrew Woffinden, James Ducker, Paul Fuller
talent. Anniwaa Buachie
editing. Daphne Tychogiorgou, Yuliya Fytsaylo, Joshua Dadson
sound design + music composition. Robert Dorian Mills
grading + vfx. Glassworks

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