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 Schon_Magazine_TessaFrom being pierced on Nick Knight shoots, to finding catharsis in bondage on set, Tessa Kuragi is not your average model. This British, Jamaican, and Asian muse collaborates creatively with photographers to produce surreal and erotic images. She does so by sometimes tapping into her personal dreams and their symbology. 

“A few months ago I had an especially significant dream that marked something shifting in me,” Kuragi explains. “As for most of my dreams I dreamt of water (a symbol I take to mean my unconscious in its entirety) that was dangerous in some way – a swimming pool with a large black sea urchin floating in it. Very unlike my other dreams, I was not desperately trying to escape this danger, but rather reached out towards it. I knew the urchin would harm me but that I would also gain something valuable by doing so. At the time I had made the decision to go back in to personal analysis. As I often do, I wanted to use this dream symbology to inspire creative work.”
To read more about Kuragi and her artistic collaborations, get Schön! 30 | Iggy Azalea by Jacques Dequeker 

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Photography / Nicolas Guérin
Producer / Sheri Chiu
Model / Tessa Kuragi @ Premier
Makeup / Christina Lutz @ B Agency
Hair / Sonia Duchaussoy @ Airport
Nails / Julie Villanova @ B Agency
Photo Assistant / Esteban Wautier



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