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Occurring from February 22nd to the 25th, WHITE Milano will celebrate with meticulously curated public activations within the Tortona Fashion District, aiming to solidify and advance various concepts associated with the “Fuori Salone” of the fashion week. 

The distinct DNA that characterizes WHITE will permeate the show’s internal settings, solidifying its position as an international hub for companies and a trend-setting platform. This season, the spotlight is on a team of young and talented creatives who collaborated to craft the campaign images. The theme for this season, conceived by Massimiliano Bizzi (Founder and Art Director of WHITE), revolves around “Women… Magical Creatures.” It delves into the intrinsic value and importance of women in the fashion realm, acknowledging them as indispensable protagonists. While designers play a vital role, the theme emphasizes that it is women who ultimately make choices about how to dress, express themselves, and enhance their individuality. In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, with evolving ideas and fluid boundaries, the enduring impact of the female figure on fashion cannot be denied.

“I think it is clear to everyone that we are going through a moment of important change, and we as a group today are more focused and committed to the strategic evolution of projects, in line with the change itself, rather than only to the achievement of large numbers,” explains Massimiliano Bizzi, Founder and Art Director of WHITE. “I hope that Milan will seize the opportunity to go along with this transformation and understand it, in order to become the undeniable capital of European fashion.”

Within WHITE’s array of initiatives, the Secret Rooms project stands out as a resounding success, earning considerable recognition in the media. These hidden sanctuaries consist of five discrete rooms, where emerging talents from the new generation of international designers showcase their collections, each uniquely crafted to reflect their personal brand vision. Following meticulous scouting by the commercial team, led by Simona Severini, General Manager of WHITE, select emerging brands with a cohesive aesthetic have been chosen to participate.

In the upcoming second edition, confirmed participants in the Secret Rooms include designer Alberto Ciaschini, renowned for his iconic cigarette heel, and Samanta Virginio, celebrated for her pop and hyper-feminine vision. Joining them is MIAO RAN, whose collection skillfully blurs the lines between masculine and feminine, creating a fluid vision of clothing. YANGKEHAN, a Chinese designer, draws inspiration from traditional Eastern aesthetics, infusing soft, invigorating colors and breezy shapes into each garment. Lastly, PROTOTYPE: AM, a Berlin-based high-end ready-to-wear brand specializing in outerwear, pushes boundaries by experimenting with new silhouettes, overlays, and volume—an avant-garde reinvention of down jackets and technical garments, with a touch of sophistication.

The Tortona Fashion District will be the hub for a diverse gathering of international buyers, editors, and industry professionals ready to delve into the analysis of women’s ready-to-wear collections dedicated to the Fall/Winter 2024-2025 season. What’s more, the event will showcase various projects in collaboration with Milan Fashion Week, including the intriguing Secret Rooms and the anticipated second edition of WHITE Village. 

After the resounding success of the September 2023 edition, White Village stages a triumphant comeback. The genesis of this event emerges from a collaboration with East Market, Milan’s pioneering vintage gathering catering to both individuals and professionals. East Market serves as a vibrant platform for the exchange of sought-after vintage clothing, artisanal creations, rare vinyl records, and dynamic furniture accessories. “Our participation to WHITE is an important occasion where B2B and B2C realities collide,” states the founders of East Market, Linda Ovadia and Gianluca Iovine. “At the event, we will bring our spirit where fashion, vintage and sustainability meet with our motto, which states that everything old is new again.”

An enticing array of events, including cocktails, tastings, DJ sets, and performances, will animate key locations such as the WHITE Garden @Superstudio, WHITE Bistrot @PHYD, Botanical Club, MUDEC, and the Visconti Pavilion. Simultaneously, at the Visconti Pavilion, aligning with WHITE, the “Looking Back” event invites attendees to explore an exhibition area fashioned to meet WHITE’s exacting standards. This dedicated space showcases a thoughtfully selected assortment of retro-inspired clothing and accessories collections, alongside antiques and collectibles.

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