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Image courtesy of TAGMAG

Here at Schön! we are happy to announce that we have just launched an exciting partnership with TAGMAG. A unique piece of technology, that turns clicking through editorials and other eye candies into a more personal, interactive and luxurious shopping experience.

Linking back to more than 60,000 brands, from luxury to high street retailers, Schön! can now help you to get that limited edition scarf or the pair of shoes that you’ve been lusting after, in just one click… without the time-consuming hassle of browsing through search engines.

This is how it works:
• Wait for the page to load until you see a shopping trolley in the left hand corner of the image you are interested in. Be sure your mouse is not hovering over the picture at the time.
• Once you can see the trolley, it indicates that the technology is available within the image. Hover over the picture and small circles will appear over certain pieces of clothing.
• Hover your mouse over these circles to open a compact info box, which will include the name of the brand, the price and a link to the website that sells the desired piece!

Photography by Quintin Perez & Ron Erick Odchigue

Photography by Suzana Holtgrave

TAGMAG itself is worth checking out too, it enables users to create social wish lists and to have access to exclusive discounts. Until then, be sure to get an idea of the technology by viewing Igor Oussenko’s editorial ‘Circus’, and keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Photography by Louie Banks

Words / Caroline Schmitt
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