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Identity finds its space in vulnerability and difference, in opposition to a paradigm of the straight and narrow. Lawrence Rothman embraces imperfections with open arms in his upcoming track Wolves Still Cry. Staying true to his complex artistry and signature cinematic visuals, captivating alter egos, and funky pop-R&B sound, Wolves Still Cry is a tribute to the mantra Lawrence tells us that he “would repeat in my head, ever since I can remember, whenever I was getting ‘preyed’ upon or fucked with by Neanderthal types.” Providing a space for the growth and amplification of imperfections, Lawrence transcribed this awareness into musical form: “I knew that every so called ‘Jock’ macho, first life asshole still cries in his mother’s arms. The idea of celebrating your imperfections and taking these flaws and amplifying them is way more satisfying than pretending they don’t exist.” These days, the Los Angeles native continues to lean into perceptive self-awareness, a journey he is expanding on with his upcoming album The Book of Law, due for release on the 13th of October, with four more videos and a feature film in the works. “I’m always seeing visuals when I’m creating music,” he explains. “For me, they walk hand in hand. I sit at the piano and my whole day to day ‘reality show’ unravels in my head, shot as if Kubrick was in the driver’s seat… My real life ups and downs in technicolor.” 

For Wolves Still Cry, Rothman tells us he “was listening to a shit ton of anything Marvin Gaye – obsessing over the writings and art of William Blake, along with falling into the world of Isadora Duncan dancing.” Transformed into visual form – with an exclusive taster for you here exclusively on Schön! – the result is Lawrence’s nine alters (alter egos) “coming together and adoring each other’s imperfections, shot in an environment that look like Carlos Castaneda’s brain.” Teaming up creatively with Floria Sigismondi for the video, Rothman explains how their collaborative process is an ongoing conversation: “We are artistic soul mates! Floria is a genius and understands my music and artistic statement to such a degree that we are literally on a telepathic page! She is the master of creating film to look like walking paintings!” We leave you with this teaser of things to come, in anticipation of The Book of Law and the full Wolves Still Cry video this Friday.

Wolves Still Cry is released Friday 28th via Interscope/Downtown Records.

Words / Autumn Hill

Direction / Lawrence Rothman 
Creative Direction / Floria Sigismondi and Lawrence Rothman
Executive Producer / Coleen Haynes for MAAVVEN and Floria Sigismondi
Producer / Christine Miller 
Choreographer / Toogie Barcelo 
Orion / Lawrence Rothman 
Darrell Bitchboy / Danny Axley
Truman / Ryan Page
Hooky / Ty Wells
Aleister / Elizabeth Brisinden
Natucket / Andrea Burr
Kevin / Savannah Harrison
Elizabeth / Justine Lutz
Christopher / Lenin Fernandez
Editing / Steve Forner at Bonch
DoP / Scott Cunningham 
Stylist / Douglas VanLaningham
Make up / Mynxii White
Hair / Nathaniel Dezan @ Judy Inc 
Assistant Choreographer / Kristen Holleyman 
Stylist Assistant / Jeremy Friend

Downtown Records/Interscope Records

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