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Punks, disruptors, climate activists and social justice fighters. These are the movers and shakers populating Social Distortion, a new short film from director Stefano Ottaviano. The film, which stars Lola Onasanya and Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade, was originally shown at the Toni&Guy “Breakthrough” internal fashion show competition in November 2018, where it won Best Film. Since then, the team has reworked the film, and today, Social Distortion is ready to be viewed as it was meant to be seen.

Ottaviano has no qualms about Social Distortion’s explicitly political nature. “I am furious about our political situation,” he says bluntly. “At this point in my career, I want my art to contribute to more useful and progressive thinking. The ultimate goal of this film is to make people breathe and scrutinise life from a different perspective.”

To expand this perspective, Ottaviano brought on a talented team of writers, producers and stylists. Charli Whatley contributed a poem to the piece, which can be heard throughout. Choreographer Theo TJ Lowe also played a hand, choreographing Lola on the film — Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade in turn also choreographing the Krump dancers. With the help of these talents and clips featuring everyone from ’70s punks to the Black Lives Matter activists of today, Ottaviano effectively weaves a narrative of rebellion, distorting and disrupting conventional understanding in both fashion and film.

“I am fascinated by all forms of art,” Ottaviano explains. “I believe the power of filmmaking comes from blending these different forms to create a more immersive story and impactful message.” The message of Social Distortion comes through loud and clear — “otherness” is a construct, and it’s our job to fight it.

direction. Stefano Ottaviano
production. Toby Anthonisz
executive production. Mike Samir
poetry. Charli Whatley
fashion. Gabrielle Tamasciuk
cast. Lola Onasanya, Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Amanda Pefkou, Florian Kabasubabo, + Mikiel Donovan 
choreography. Theo J Lowe
krump choreography. 
Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade
hair. Timea Cserekyle, Katie Price + Laura Everitt
make up. Alina Valentinovna Nastas Romaniuc
clothes artist.IEVA LI
dop. Vlad Jakovlev
camera assistant. Efe Onikinci
runners.Virginia Fonderico + Anna Jirina Danhelova
studio + camera. Sheldon Place Studios
lenses.  One Stop Films
clothes artist. Leva Li

post production.

editing. White Rabbit
colourist. Megan Lee
music. Daniele Carmosino
voice over. Lauren Charles
supervising sound editing. Tom Williams
vocal production. Ruby Ktori
sound engineering. Tom Mitchell
sound design. Payam Hosseinian
re-recording. Simon Hill
archive footage. Don Boyd, London Film School + Kino Library
protest footage. Toby Anthonisz
graphic design. Martina Savoldelli

special thanks. Helen Dulay & Unit9 Films
James Irwin & One Stop Films, Cat Whatley, First Model Management, Carlotta Merzari, The Mill & Ellie Thwaites, Don Boyd, Ginette Harold & London Film School, The Destructors, Caroline Hart & BFI Archives + Room One Films


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