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Written and directed by Boldizsár CR, Perfect One, starring Hannah Motler, is inspired by the stylistic fantasy of English student life and revolves around the themes of perfection, friendship, bullying and peer-pressure. Mixing cinematic elements from thrillers, science fiction, arthouse and music videos; the short film is presented as a thought-provoking critique on our social media-centred society and the personal challenges the youth deal with every day. The newest piece of an ongoing collaboration between Premier Models and Paul Rowland to introduce the agency’s fresh new faces to the industry, the film presents a unique and atmospheric style that was created with experimental post-production methods, skilled camera work and unscripted action.

This Schön! online exclusive was produced by
Direction / Boldizsár CR 
Art Direction / Paul Rowland
Fashion / Andrew Glover
Models / Hannah Motler, Eliza Thomas, Matthew Atkinson, Baggy Lewsley, Bianca Henry, Dante Auld,
Vivien Lawson, Roman Edmonds
, Jennifer Littlejohn & Caralina Foschini, All @ Premier Model Management
Hair / Cathy Ennis
Make Up / Janeen Witherspoon
Music Composition & Sound Design / Vocals / Leon Jean-Marie
Voice Over & Vocals / Ella McRobb
Assistant for Director & Camera B / Claes Nordwall
Hair Assistant / Sarah Chesnais
Make Up Assistant / Phoebe Brown


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