Schön! presents | a fashion shoot


A fashion photoshoot that occurs during a 10 min video with no cuts. A fixed video camera with a wide lens, recording every move of the entire crew within the studio set-up.  The model remains at the centre of the Cyclorama at all times. Foreground in the frame, the photographer’s silhouette triggers only a single shot for each of the 6 outfits – every outfit involves not only a full change of clothing but lighting and hair and make-up. Everyone, every change of outfit, every movement is synchronized, almost choreographed. It is a happening that seamlessly unfolds in time.

Dress / Amanda Brown Studio
Sweatshirt / Jun Young
Top / Daniel Levi
Skirt / Glenda A Garcia

Hat / Dean Sidaway
T-shit / Miloni Vora
Top / Suyeon Kim
Pants / Suyeon Kim
Pins / Dean Sidaway
Top / Panisa Busaynont
Gloves / Dean Sidaway
Skirt / Daniel Levi

Top / Glenda A Garcia
Skirt / Miloni Vora
Bow / Dean Sidaway
Shirt / Dean Sidaway
Pants / Glenda A Garcia
Gloves / Dean Sidaway

This Schön! online exclusive was produced by

Creative Direction / Giovanni Cervantes
Photography / Tania Apolinar
Photography Assistants / Lina Takeuchi & Sergio Avellaneda
Motion / Fiona y Eduardo
Gaffer & Key Grip / Victoria Alba
Fashion / María Montané & Patricia Cedeño
Make Up / Tomomi Sano
Hair / Marine Tagawa
Talent / Alexandra Marzella
Studio / COLONY Studios Brooklyn

A project by Kids Are Not Sleeping


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