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In her first release following this year’s Scenes From My Lonely Window, Italian singer-songwriter Violetta Zironi emerges again with a new video for her song “Hungry to Kill” — a captivating tale of love and death that premieres exclusively on Schön!

“I wrote this song in two days, and I remember the emotional engagement to the story and the context didn’t leave me for that whole time,· Zironi tells Schön! “Even while doing something else, my head and my soul were in the story of the song. So it came out very naturally, inspired by the music, which already had a slight twist to it, like a second face.”

Zironi grew up in a small Italian town, first engaging with music as a child by playing the piano before eventually joining a local country/blues band in her teenage years. Now based in London, the 24-year-old artist has caught the attention and intrigue of many with her warm musicality and storytelling ability — two traits out in full force on this new track.

Despite “Hungry to Kill”‘s sweet melody, the story Zironi weaves is less than joyous; in a nightmare, she is overtaken by love, too smitten with its embrace to notice the danger that lurks ahead. As the song continues, the object of Zironi’s desire turns against her and, eventually, kills her. The resultant song wears this emotional contrast on its sleeve, overlaying Zironi’s summery instrumentation with this narrative of love gone mad.

“Yes, [the song] was lighthearted and uplifting, but wore a shade of darkness in a very subtle way,” remembers Zironi, “almost like [it was] saying to me: yes all is good, but not for much longer.” But the artist insists “Hungry to Kill” is not a warning against love. Rather, she is reminding listeners to not lose themselves within their affections. “This dream showed me how absurd it is that we are so consumed by our own lives that we can’t see what’s happening around us, [both] on a personal level but also looking at current world issues.”

Zironi is soon to set out on a world tour, where she’ll visit cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Manchester and more. A full list of tour dates is available here. Watch the new “Hungry to Kill” video above.

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