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R&B singer Tamera’s melodic voice is set to give you an unforgettable audible experience. Although she’s an emerging voice in the UK scene, she’s already created a distinct and authentic sound by pairing R&B’s vulnerable essence with a low-fi British edge. She’s a natural narrator who channels the honeyed harmonies of Kehlani and the mellow tone of Jhené Aiko. Her vocals are warm and textured, and there’s an atmospheric romanticism to her music that makes her songs uniquely transportive and otherworldly.

With two tracks already under her belt, debut single Romeo and catchy follow up Don’t Phone, she’s back with another soothing single Flipside. It’s a sonic vacation, delivering all the upbeat tropical vibes you could desire. Her silky vocals flow seamlessly between Flipside’s layered production as she sings about being the bigger person and stepping away from conflict. In the lead up to Schön!’s premiere of her brand new single, we caught up with Tamera to chat about her inspirations, the meaning behind the track and how she’s passing time during quarantine. 

Can you describe where you grew up?

I grew up in Kent in quite a residential area. The town I’m from, Gravesend, is very old. We have one of the oldest taverns in the country called The Three Daws! We also have one of the oldest iron piers and the remains of a hospital built in the 1300s called Milton Chantry. Growing up in a town so rich with history was incredible for the imagination.

Do you think it shaped you creatively at all?

I think the town I grew up in shaped me on more of a personal level when it comes to morality and community spirit. I felt it was truly welcoming to all cultural backgrounds and everyone was celebrated.

Who are some of your musical influences?

God, we’d be here all day if I had to tell you that! There are so many incredible talents that have influenced me whether that’s on a grander scale or a small one. If I had to break it down to a few I’d say Usher, Stevie Wonder, Sarah Vaughan, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna. All for many many different and wonderful reasons.

Where do you usually draw inspiration when you write a song?

When it comes to inspiration life is my biggest muse. The ups and downs, the great loves and losses, are all things I can revel in. I’m somewhat of a masochist when it comes to life’s woes. If I see no light in a situation, at least the chances of a lit song coming out of it are pretty high.

Is there a particular theme behind your new single Flipside

Flipside is about the times when you’re too tired to fight anyone and the aim for the day is to be lazy and peaceful. That vibe kind of reminded me of the 70’s hippy era, so my incredible team made my glamorous hippy dreams come true for the single cover and we ran with the retro look. I’ve shot an incredible lyric video for it too! It was filmed through a chandelier crystal to give off a kaleidoscope effect and it was all filmed in my kitchen during quarantine. Me, my mum and my sister had a ball doing it!

What was the creative process behind the track?

I made the track with Future Cut who are so, so talented. I’ve been working with them on and off for about five years now and our content just gets better and better. In that particular session a friend of mine, Oscar Scheller, joined us for the first time and he is a melodic angel so the four of us in a room together was a dream come true. The song honestly came out of good conversation and vibes!

Do you have a similar creative process for all of your songs? 

Honestly, all of my songs come differently. I try to stay open to different ways of creating so it always feels fun and new to me. I never want to get stuck in my ways. I feel the day that happens is the day I essentially give up. 

What do you think has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

So far my journey has been about developing my craft, so most of it has been spent in the studio, connecting and growing with some of the most astounding people. I’ve really formed a chosen family along the way and those are the moments I live for.

What about the most challenging?

The most challenging thing is to stay consistent through times I feel my lowest. I know from experience that putting my pain into the music is by far the best thing I can do but it’s not always the easiest. 

If you could change anything in the industry, what would it be?

I would give all artists a bigger percentage for their streaming!

Do you think quarantine has boosted or hindered your creativity?

I think every day is different. Some days I feel sad for the world and I just want to eat ice lollies and cheese toasties all day. Other days I’ll have a green juice, go for a run, do a full skincare routine and then lock myself in my room to make sweet music.

What have you learned about yourself during lockdown?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned during quarantine is how to work with what I have, and to have patience with myself and others around me.

Lastly, what’s next for you?

I’m just gonna keep putting out the music I love with beautiful visual content and projecting love and light. There will be a project eventually but I have no set date I can say at the moment!

Check out Tamera’s brand new single ‘Flipside’, below.

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