Schön! advent | Versace Men

Remember the iconic scene in ‘Risky Business’ where Tom Cruise shows us his best dance moves? Well, imagine just how good he’d look wearing these Baroque Medusa Versace briefs? The sole thought of it puts the ‘merry’ in Merry Christmas. Comfortable, glamorous and godly, this piece will do all the talking. But be careful, don’t go shacking all the bobbles off the tree when you try to copy Cruise’s moves! We won’t tell anyone though… we’ve all been there.

Spice up your Christmas with a bit of Versace and get these briefs online here.

Photography / Ben Reeves
Fashion / Christophe Ruiz
Set Design / Emma Witter
Retouch / Studio Navona
Words / Marianna Mukhametzyanova


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