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As Dior expanded on its role as Arts Patron, a conglomerate of seven artists collaborated on the house’s Miami Art Basel launch this winter. Bringing a new collection of leather goods and accessories to light, titled Lady Art, Dior delved into the interface that fashion represents in relation to art and design. Commissioning artists Ian Davenport, Mat Collishaw, Jason Martin, Marc Quinn, Daniel Gordon, Chris Martin and Matthew Porter, Dior brought visionary designs to life: a Schön! highlight includes the Ian Davenport liquid metal clutch, a quicksilver meets molten-metal dream – all condensed into a functional hand-held clutch.

Discover the Dior Lady Art pieces here. The Limited Edition pieces are available in selected stores now. 

Photography / Tom Brannigan
Art direction & fashion / Patrick Clark
Set Design / Zoe Klinck
Retouch / Studio Navona


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