Schön! advent | Alexis Amor

“Hello, hello baby you called I can’t hear a thing, I can’t get my eyes off my new Alexis Amor glasses you see, see.” Or that’s how we think those Lady Gaga lyrics went… Alexis Amor’s COCO Spectacles in Peacock Tortoise is the eyewear-piece you need when stepping into the Christmas spirit in a couple of days’ time. Bold, daring and striking, these glasses are no optical illusion. Leave the dull and the boring hanging and see how magical Christmas can really be with this stunning piece. And who doesn’t love a good Lady-Gaga themed Flashback Friday every once in a while?

Find the COCO Spectacles by Alexis Amor here.

Photography / Ben Reeves
Fashion / Christophe Ruiz
Set Design / 
Anna Sheridan
Manicurist / Emily Clayton
Retouch / Studio Navona
Words / Marianna Mukhametzyanova


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