Schön! 8 in print

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PUBLISHER: ©Schön! Magazine COVER: Wunderkind by Jannis Tsipoulanis ONLINE / PRINT RELEASE: September 2010 SIZE: US LETTER 215.9 x 279.4 mm 232 pages DELIVERY TIME: WITHIN 10 DAYS AT YOUR DOORSTEP (wherever you are) Just a Dream ? Welcome to Schön! 8. Erupting with creativity, pulsing with expression, this time the team at Schön! have created a euphoric paradise that is waiting to be explored. A spirit of rebellion permeates throughout the issue, demanding the disregard of reality in favour of something explosive, sensual and alive … something beyond the boundaries of normality, something which can only exist on the lustrous pages of Schön! Our world of fantasy kicks off with Michael Kutsche’s Wonderland illustrations, then embraces dark theatrics from photographer Paco Peregrin and a gothic retelling of fairytale as shot by Rui Aguiar. A more familiar fantasy arrives in the form of Jannis Tsipoulanis’ beguiling lingerie shoot. We’ll have you palpitating with our selection of visual extravagances; fleeting moments become eternal in one stunning feature after another, a marathon of seduction. Dreamy yet graphic, each editorial challenges expectations and lends itself to the dreamlike ambience of this eighth edition of Schön! where there are no rules. In the pursuit of pleasure, all other enterprises have been forgotten. As the images which grace our pages flirt with the shadows and push the very limits of creativity, we discover the personalities behind the art in a series of incisive interviews. From the obscure to the notorious, creatives who usually work from behind the camera step onto centre stage, allowing us a rare insight into their craft. This month we also have the honour of launching an exhibition in association with the German Embassy in London, showcasing a selection of the best designers, artists and photographers from this multi-talented nation. Their work has trickled over into this issue as they take their place among our international cast of contributors. Bold, intoxicating and directional, their work creates a dazzling show of fantasy and desire, ready to arrest your eyes and claim all of your attention. Let Schön! tease your senses in its many forms: in print, online, or through our new iPhone and iPad applications. With an outstanding line-up that includes Brad Elterman, Jannis Tsipoulanis, Dimitris Theocharis, McBess and the fruits of Wolfgang Joop’s Wunderkind label, every turn of the page or click of the button promises a new indulgence. You may just think it was all a dream. Love as always xxx