Schön! 7 in print

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Amidst the sweltering stickiness and the hustle and bustle of city humidity, Schön!7 blooms worldwide offering a refreshing whisper of breeze with each feature. We’ve basked in the radiance of the sun, drawing from its energy and warmth to cultivate the essence of summer. Sampling the vibrancy of nature’s pallet, we’ve splashed the ripe flora across the pages, nurtured the fields of ingenuity and watered the seeds of enthusiasm to ensure a healthy growth. While you’re seduced by the season of sizzling temperatures and sexy shenanigans, we aim to soothe you even further with our latest issue; so cool that it trickles condensation from its very gloss. Stay hydrated with our array of hypnotic visuals that tickle the flesh like the breath from a sleeping lover. From delicately warm daylight playfulness to the sultry excitement of night time unpredictability, we’ve encompassed all the tipsy frolics and dizzying pleasure that the sunshine emits. Our apologies in advance if our flamboyant parade of scorching fashion gets you hot and bothered, but the team at aim to unleash your endorphins in a rush of ecstasy that will have you floating on the pastel coloured clouds. With sexuality being ripe in the air, we celebrate the unveiling of the flesh, and encourage the flirting of fabric. Teasing you to boiling point then dabbing your perspiration, we get feverish with smouldering displays by Schön! Veterans Jannis Tsipoulanis, Claudia Guimarães, Dimitris Theocharis and Fulvio Maiani; a heat wave of high quality elegance. As the mercury rises, we retreat to the shade with an exclusive interview with fashion icon, journalist and actress in the hit US TV show Gossip girl, Lydia Hearst stunningly shot by Christopher Kolk. If you aren’t already slick with sweat at the mere suggestion of our elite summer line-up, then we’ve also plucked an ensemble of richly flavoursome talent to permeate the dew of monotony, including Jamie Nelson, Stefan Giftthaler and Mirko Ilić. Planted with the aim to inspire and blossoming with the petals of progression, our outrageously dedicated focus to harvesting the crops of creativity has produced Schön!7: Addiction. You can reap the benefits in print, online or as an application to be downloaded on your iPhone Find all links at Stay cool with Schön! wherever you are. Love, as always, Raoul X