Schön! 6 Callum Wilson in print

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PUBLISHER: ©Schön! Magazine COVER: Callum Wilson by Dimitris Theocharis ONLINE / PRINT RELEASE: May 2010 SIZE: US LETTER 215.9 x 279.4 mm 234 pages DELIVERY TIME: WITHIN 10 DAYS AT YOUR DOORSTEP (wherever you are) Schön! 6 – Taste it! And so we meet again… Gorge yourself on the succulent fruits of our labour, as our relentless pursuit for perfection at brings you another dazzling issue of Schön! Magazine. Exclusively woven from the threads of creativity across the entire globe, we present another mouth watering visual banquet that is sure to sustain even the most gluttonous reader. As the pages shimmer at your fingertips, you will be sensually tantalised and beguiled by the radiant innovation. Feast your eyes as we seduce you with nudity, luring you with slick voluptuousness. While exploring the mysterious enchantment of the human form along every contour and crevice, we take an audacious look at the forbidden landscape of flesh beneath the clothes. Accompanied with the delicious elegance of the latest fashion, we aim to haunt and romance you with an abundance of startling photography from a diverse ensemble of sources. From the obviously beautiful to the curiously bizarre, every page has been constructed to induce escapism. Within each photographic microcosm explodes a matrix of possibilities, a vast expanse of dreamlike wonder. Among the dizzyingly delectable visual treats, we are graced with the boyish charisma of Callum Wilson, the sizzling sensuality of Catrinel Menghia, and the enviable presence of Andre Ziehe. We also pay tribute to the beautiful style icon Grace Kelly and remember her impact on the fashion world, and take a look at how she is still inspiring designers years after her demise. In addition to this daunting array, we also proudly present the sharpest in visual art, crafted to compliment the creative soup of Schön! Magazine. Pencils, paintbrushes, and spray cans become the weaponry to form radical statements, all of which we’ve included in this issue. Whether canvas, paper, or brick wall be the platform, we’re dedicated to preserving and promoting these talents. Paying homage to the habitual doodling, subculture expression, and pictures lining art gallery walls, we celebrate and delve into the exceptional by profiling legendary contemporary artist Robert Longo. Seasoned with work from Dimitris Theocharis, Fulvio Maiani, Quentin Shih, and Jannis Tsipoulanis to name but a few of the contributors serving up this issue, Schön! Magazine can be experienced online, read on your iPhone, downloaded as a PDF, and is also available by print on demand to be collected and treasured. So salivate no longer, because issue 6 of Schön! Magazine is finally here to satiate your appetite.