Schön! 45 digital cover | nova twins wearing Marshall Headphones

Amy wears
dress. A-JANE
mask. Buerlangma
headphones. Marshall Headphones
Georgia wears
dress + mask. Buerlangma
headphones. Marshall Headphones

It feels like more and more artists are bringing punk and alt-leaning sonics back to the forefront of music, and we have Nova Twins to thank for that resurgence. Between touring with Muse, being nominated for two Brit awards, and receiving an AIM nomination for Best Independent Album, lots of people agree lead vocalist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South are ushering in a new era of music. When chatting with Love and South for their Schön! 45 story, it’s obvious why they caught the eye of music tastemakers and iconic brand Marshall

Since releasing their debut EP in 2016, the duo has gone from strength to strength, catching the eyes of many and solidifying themselves as mainstays in the rock industry with their breakneck riffs, candid lyrics and eye-catching looks. Now, after signing with Marshall Records, established in 2016, the pair are just one of the myriad of rock titans that get to say they have Marshall behind them 100%. With a long history of supporting artists and a reputation to being the best of the best in regards to music equipment, Marshall has proven, time and time again, just how much they support artists with one power chord at a time. 

For Nova Twins, it’s a dream come true. “Younger me would be pretty amazed and wowed by what we’ve done so far and what we continue to do.” “We’re a band that really cherishes everything because we know how hard it was to get to this point,” Love adds. “We’ve worked hard. I think that is what gives us our grateful mentality, because it’s not just a given for some people.”

“Being shortlisted for a Mercury Prize was such a big deal for us,” says South. “Also helping get the Best Alternative Music Act category added to the Mobo Awards,” Love adds. “I think that was a massive step forward for the UK music industry and how they perceive Black people doing rock music.” For Nova Twins, heritage and self-affirming language are important. Love states that the group stands for “owning your power”, with South adding, “You have to believe in yourself, be proud of where you’re from.”

Amy wears
dress. A-JANE
mask. Buerlangma
earrings throughout. Amy’s own
headphones. Marshall Motif A.N.C.
Georgia wears
dress. Buerlangma
cap. ZHONG Studio
jewellery throughout. Georgia’s own
headphones. Marshall Motif A.N.C.

waistcoat. Diesel
top. A-JANE
trousers. Buerlangma
shoes. Amy’s own
guitar amplifiers. Marshall Studio JTM
jacket. Buerlangma
speaker. Marshall Emberton II

Georgia wears
shirt. ZHONG Studio
trousers. NOKI
headphones. Marshall Motif A.N.C.
Amy wears
dress. NOKI
shirt. Armand Basi
headphones. Marshall Major IV
guitar amplifier. Marshall Studio JTM

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photography. Tom Marshak
fashion. Lyla Cheng
talents. Nova Twins wearing A-JANE, Buerlangma + Marshall Headphones
hair. Shamara Roper @ Arch the Agency
fashion assistants. Marilena Angelides + Stephanie Hui
production. Clara La Rosa
location. MEDIA25 STUDIO
special thanks. The Team @ Marshall
words. Laviea Thomas

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