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Jessie Reyez is about to do her laundry at home in Toronto before she flies out again. The Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter has just finished touring and performing at festivals around the world but remains down-to-earth, coyly confessing that she’s packing her favourite things: oversized Walmart t-shirts. Buoyant and thoughtful, she speaks with intention and makes a point of letting us know that she can kick it. Her infectious spirit is endearing and although she doesn’t take herself too seriously, Reyez is wise beyond her 27 years.

Reyez started making noise through social media, using Instagram and Twitter as a bridge between the artist and the people. She’s already collaborated with the likes of Calvin Harris, Eminem and Sam Smith. This year she won Canada’s prestigious Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist and, in 2017, the raspy wonder was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the ‘10 artists you need to know’, which is ironic because, after chatting with Reyez for only a few minutes, you feel like you’ve known her your whole life.

Growing up, the singer only spoke Spanish at home but being born in a multicultural city like Toronto, which she describes as a “hub for diversity and Caribana culture”, has provided her with the sundry sounds of community that inspire her music. She is thankful to be able to “walk down the street and experience ten different countries”. Reyez’s appetite for varying genres of music is voracious; she was raised on Salsa and reggae and her own soulful sound delivers delicious R&B rhythms intermingled with rap and acoustic guitar.

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‘Being Human in Public’ came out on October 19. Listen to it here

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