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Allow us to introduce to you this glorious 16th edition of Schön! Magazine; a sequence of delights await to tease and titillate both your imagination and intellect. It’s time to strip yourself of cellophane, step outside the box and cease to be a living doll. Let us awaken your mind.

Take a trip into Wonderland with Ellen Von Unwerth’s spectacular photo-shoot ‘Eat Me,’ perfectly capturing the erotic femininity of performance artist Angeleno Lauren Avery. Dripping with pearls and enveloped in lace, Unwerth’s stunning photography perfectly captures our mysterious muse, topped off with a sorbet of candy floss hair. In direct contrast, male supermodel David Gandy brings his own brand of personal electricity as he smolders across our pages in this moody, eponymous shoot by regular contributor Dimitris Theocharis.

Step back in time and revisit all the ways in which Jean Paul Gaultier transformed the power of female sexuality in our ‘Retrospective’ editorial. Photographer Karel Losenicky and stylist Simone Valsecchi combine their respective talents to provide us with a powerful exhibition of Gaultier’s collections, whilst Saskia Reis gets to grips with fashion’s enfant terrible himself.

And whilst we at Schön! would never encourage violence, we must demand that you embrace your inner revolutionist and celebrate all things ‘Soviet’ with our emboldened editorial. Model Kat Cordts definitely earned her stripes in this authoritarian photo series, beautifully shot by Pierre dal Corso and styled by our very own Kay Korsh.

In a similarly radical vein, we meet the uber talented, whimsically minded Russian design duo, the Popovy sisters. The pair have managed to stretch reality, melding their creative interpretations of art and fashion into a collection of incredibly costumed, hyper real dolls.

On another planet, photographer Karina Twiss and stylist Anthony Stephinson’s collaboration manages to infiltrate the hidden world of ‘The Stepford Wives’, capturing the essence of waxen, unearthly beauty in their secretive suburban environment. Animatronic versions of the perfect woman, they are faultless at first glance but are simply going through the motions; frozen living dolls.

We are brought back to reality as the rugged model, Vladimir McCrary strikingly channels the essence of his inner warrior for photographer Diego Indraccolo in the ultra-masculine ‘Lost Warrior’ editorial.

Just in case you weren’t back on Earth yet, photographer Sergi Pons splashes you with a collection of sensual black and white imagery to awaken your senses in the ‘Poise’ photo shoot; whilst Olivia Palermo stars as our ‘American Rose,’ the epitome of a delicate veiled beauty shot by photographer Christos Karantzolas.

Dip behind the scenes and discover the creative process behind theatrical landscapes from interviews with acclaimed set designer Derek McLane and celebrated art director Paul Inglis. And if that wasn’t enough, Schön! has managed to look into the future with the help of visionary architect Ma Yansong and delve into the realms of the surreal and the subconscious with artists Anton Semenov and Lorella Paleni.

And there you have it, dear readers; we have presented you with a box of visual toys to occupy your mind. With further secrets waiting to be divulged within, we feel that the 16th issue of Schön! is a treat for all the senses; come inside and play!






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