romantic memories

full look. Selezza London

This editorial, photographed and creative directed by Han Yang, is inspired by the memories made in the pleasant days of childhood. The moments where there were wild flowers from the forests of home, with the poems and the thoughts of young girls. The flowers and poems were enclosed in thick books. It was a dream that lived in a world of fairy tales. Long afterwards you can open the book and still smell the flowers, still recall the mood of the time and fantasise about the future. The modern material world, full of consumption and desire, seems to have taken us further and further away from the romantic state of mind in which we live. These works commemorate those romantic and wonderful times. 

The fashion for the piece is curated by Ignacio De Tiedra and Yu Chen who styles model Aniki Lin in looks by Harris Reed, Selezza London. Hair is by stylist Yoshitaka Miyazaki, make up by Alina Samsonova, with botanics by artist Alexander Young.

dress. Guanhua Liu
dress. Lurline

full look. Harris Reed
coat. Esaú Yori

top. Selezza London
dress. Veldon Salim
full look. Selezza London

dress. Syrie Tordoff
full look. Harris Reed

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

photography + creative direction. Han Yang
fashion. Ignacio De Tiedra + Yu Chen
model. Aniki Lin @ Established Models
hair. Yoshitaka Miyazaki
make up. Alina Samsonova
botanical artist. Alexander Young
space. Method Studio
photography assistants. Kiah Tao, Hui Long, Jacob Valdez + Fangxin Luo


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