rock n’doll

clothes + shoes. Ban Xiaoxue
accessories. Dethick House

Crank up the distortion for this Schön! online editorial shot by photographer Huijun Shi. Wearing straps and buckles, model Ksenia brings an alternative flair, styled in Ban Xiaoxue, Jinnnn, Vega Zaishi Wang and more by Xuxu. Hair and make up are by Yan Xing.

clothes. Jinnnn
earrings. Dethick House
shoes. Zara

printed denim suit. Jinnnn
earrings. Dethick House
clothes. Ban Xiaoxue

clothes + trousers. Ban Xiaoxue
earrings + ring. Dethick House

suit. Vega Zaishi Wang
hat. Xuxu
earrings. Dethick House

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Huijun Shi 
Ksenia @ Jade Models 
hair + make up.
Yan Xing


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