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Nike reigns supreme when it comes to running. With decades of research and of experts coming together, sportswear has been redefined by Nike’s futuristic vision. Always looking ahead, with the needs of athletes in mind, Nike is here to continue innovating. Where better than Paris to announce the upcoming releases? Ahead of the Olympics, Nike held a spectacular event for the unveiling of its new designs and upcoming releases. Five decades of expertise in Air technology have singled out Nike in the world of running – it cushions better than any other material, is durable, and is an innovation that propelled Nike into the forefront of design, both aesthetically and technically.

The technologies that all sit around Air Zoom as well as the Nike foams consolidate the sole purpose of creating a unique ergonomic design that improves athletes’ performances. “Air is Nike’s separator in the footwear industry — no one can create cushioning innovations like we can,” explained Kathy Gomez, Nike VP NXT Footwear, ahead of the reveal. “In running, when we combine Air with components like midfoot plates and with platforms like our proprietary foams, we create superior systems for performance.” Announcing the new launches, Nike presented new Pegasus models today, with inimitable shapes and streamlined designs. Just in time for the Olympics, the Pegasus 41 releases in June, with the 2024 Pegasus family already including a range of silhouettes for all needs and terrain, including the Pegasus EasyOn, Pegasus Trail 5, Pegasus Trail Gore-Tex® and Pegasus Winter Gore-Tex®.

Pegasus Premium

This avant-garde creation marks a monumental step forwards in the realm of athletic footwear, capturing the enhanced performance that Nike is renowned for. Teasing the Pegasus Premium, Nike demonstrated the willingness to transcend the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a future where every step resonates with unparalleled comfort and dynamic support.

“For the Pegasus Premium, we wanted runners to get the most energy return possible out of the sculpted Air Zoom unit,” Kathy Gomez explained. “Not only does it double as a spring-like mechanism, the Air unit is also designed to engage with the entirety of your foot, no matter your gait pattern or stride length.”

Speaking to Schön!, Tony Bignell, Vice President of Innovation Nike unveiled the design, shoe in hand. He revealed the major changes to the shoe – namely a visible Air Zoom unit that surrounds the shoe in a bold orange stripe. “It has really nice details. Pegasus is our big name. For this Premium edition, the airbag has been shaped around the shoe. It will have two Zoom Air pads, which are super resilient. It has this rocking chair shape, as you land it cushions the foot, so it bounces you off the ground, right through to the ball of the foot. It just makes running easier.” He explained how personal experience was key, running us through the process that brought Nike to this new design. “I run, and it’s hard! This technology cushions your foot as you land, and springs you off. It just feels easy.”

Having held and tried the new releases, Schön! can vouch that the spring in our step certainly changes thanks to the technologies of the Pegasus models. Stay tuned to get your hands on the new footwear soon.


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