Reinvent Your Worldview: Be Anartist with Etnia Barcelona

Cinema is undoubtedly one of the main filters through which we see the world. It shapes our perception of things; it inspires, challenges and provokes us. Our vision of the world is influenced by the cinematic greats, whether that be Lynch, Hitchcock, or Kubrick, to name but a few. Other their creative take on reality, one thing that brings these masters together is their unfaltering desire to think independently. Inspired by this way of seeing the world, Etnia Barcelona has created an Anartist Decalogue for their latest campaign. In the form of 11 commandments, the campaign works with filmic codes, expanding on the brand’s signature combination of colour, culture and quality. After all, sight is a field of expertise for the eyewear brand – makes sense that the most visual of all arts should occupy a special place.

With Anartist, Etnia Barcelona aligns itself on the anarchic potential of creativity. Critical of the status quo and celebrating the individual approach to life, the brand’s ethos reflects the avant-garde of cinema. Following in the steps of iconic films, the mission of Etnia Barcelona is to transmit the disruptive approach of famed directors. People who wear the Etnia Barcelona glasses should see the world through the same Anarchic lense that they do: it encourages wearers to open their eyes to a different view of the world.

Shot by Biel Capllonch, who captures the essence of Anartist, the campaign is a visual narrative tracing key moments of cinema. Rebellion and counter-cultural influences have played major roles throughout Capllonch’s career, as a disrupter of convention. Each shot recalls iconic film scenes and references the artform’s influence on everyday life: whether it’s A Clockwork Orange or Pulp Fiction, an element of surrealism comes to tickle our senses and blur the borders of reality. It’s all in the eyewear: it brings a colourful alternative view to the bleak platitude of convention. More than a campaign, Anartism is an attitude, and seeks to craft the way we see the world. Think beyond the box with Etnia Barcelona – be Anartist. 

Discover the Etnia Barcelona Anartist campaign here.

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