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Image courtesy of Mother London

 The people at Mother London want to start a public debate, or rather – pubic – as they call for womankind to embrace the bush.

Working closely with a number of feminist groups, creative agency Mother London, have founded ‘Project Bush’, to demonstrate to young girls everywhere that the choice is theirs when it comes to lady pruning.

In society today it is expected for women, especially the younger generations, to keep their V preened to perfection – more often than not resulting in a completely shaven haven, or waxed woo woo. But why reject what nature intended?

In a bid to challenge the status quo and explore how feminism manifests itself today, ‘Project Bush’ invites the women of London to anonymously present their lady garden in all her glory. In an especially made ‘Bush Booth’, acclaimed photographer Alisa Connan will capture your bits, with resulting images forming a major exhibition at Mother London headquarters.

To get involved, have your parts papped, snatch snapped or foo foo photographed, book your, ahem, ‘slot’ for October 3rd by contacting:




Words / Roxanne Golding
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