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Life is all about connection and community. To celebrate what it means to be connected within a larger sphere, music platform and radio station NTS and Diesel are coming together to create TRACKS. Blending musical talent from around the world, TRACKS embodies what it means to be connected to one another. Through a variety of series, club nights, music profiles, music collectives and more, TRACKS gives an insight into the music world through a worldwide lens.

Outside of everything, music is the most universal language. It’s in this mindset that brings Diesel and NTS together. Through TRACKS, the radio station and acclaimed brand are creating what was sorely missed during the pandemic: club culture, connection and partying.

Throughout the partnership, NTS’ and Diesel’s TRACKS will roll out in three phrases — from radio mixes and playlists highlighting the unique cultures around the globe to docu-style visuals that showcase talent from Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil and France. 

In addition, TRACKS brings together a community of musical talents from across the world, TRACKS will feature DJs and collectives include Redkoffee of French collective 99Ginger, Dogheadsurigeri of Polish collective Oramics, Sarra Wild of Scottish collective OH141, Abosahar of Egyptian collective HIZZ; Turkana of Anti-Mass in Uganda; Coco Em of Santuri East Africa in Kenya; Tangbosh is from ZVUK in Kazakhstan; 33EMYBW from Chinese collective SVBKVLT; Zjoso from Australian collective Tribqu; DJ Kita from American collective Hood Rave; Mexican Jihad of Mexico’s NAAFI and BADSISTA of Brazil’s Bandida.

With TRACKS, get ready to connect with your community again. For more information on TRACKS visit

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