coat. Agnes Nordenholz
trousers + belt. Last Heirs
jacket + trousers. Weer
neckerchief. Gon

Photography by Mitja Arzensek guides us through Parisian streets in this Schön! online editorial. Sabine Berlipp creates a loud, bold geometric aesthetic with underpinnings of romance and masterful drapery, from brands including Lida Noba, Julian Zigerli and Weer. For hair and makeup, Walter Denechere uses rogue curls and soft red lips, giving models Alexis Macon and Lorenzo Pioli a unique twist to their Parisian adventure.

scarf. Kenneth Ize
trousers & shirt. Hien Le
jacket. Penelope’s Sphere
trousers. Schmidthtakahashi

hat + top. Yvy
shirt. Vladimir Karaleev
trousers. Weer
socks. Sockprise
jacket + trousers. Weer
shirt. Tata Christiane
bag. Julian Zigerli

jacket. Sightline
shirt. Penelope’s Sphere
trousers. Schmidttakahashi
opposite (left)
jacket. Anelia Peschev
shirt. Penelope’s Sphere
trousers. Julian Zigerli
opposite (right)
t-shirt + trousers. Julian Zigerli
transparent shirt. Lida Noba

shirt + coat. Lida Noba
trousers. Agnes Nordenholz
jacket. Jana Wieland
trousers. Karaleev
bag. Agnes Nordenholz

trousers. Starstyling
shirt + coat. Penelope’s Sphere
shirt. Wendy & Jim
hat. Mühlbauer
vest. Weer
bag. Agnes Nordenholz

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Mitja Arzensek
fashion. Sabine Berlipp
make up + hair. Walter Denechere
models. Alexis Macon + Lorenzo Pioli @ Bananas Models
fashion assistant. Sebastien Hernandez

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