our celebration with Schön!

If you didn’t make it to Schön!’s event yesterday, then let me tell you: it was one heck of a party!

On the 10th of November, guests were queuing up at the entrance of Mayfair’s The Music Room, eagerly waiting to join in the celebration of Schön!’s fantastic success with their host – Schön!’s Editor-in-Chief – Raoul Keil and the rest of the team.

The space looked absolutely great: Issues of Schön! were hanging from the walls allowing people to take a good look through, striking photography from the magazine was being shown on a grand projection, the banners provided by Drew Creative Branding were looking grand and inviting; Even the lighting was perfect!

There was a creative atmosphere in the room as guests from the media industry – including marketers, writers, photographers and editors – happily mingled around, while beautiful orchestral music was played live in the background by talented musicians Fandango, All the Kings Men and the very talented violinist Michael Mcaughley (who is also an AMCK model!)

Everyone couldn’t get enough of the pretty pink cocktails being freshly prepared by the friendly Jalouse crew (if you spoke to them in French they would give you a double). Visitors also drank great, chilled Krombacher beer – sponsored by Kennington based pub Zeitgeist – like there was no tomorrow, got refreshed and energised with Glaceau Vitamin Water and for desert munched on lovely, yummy cupcakes by Rosalind Miller from Rosalind Miller Cakes.


When guests left for the after-party at the exclusive club Jalouse, they didn’t go empty-handed. Everyone wanted a copy of Schön! and some took home a goody bag (thank you designhotels.com for the totes!). They were filled with essential beauty products provided by L’Oreal, Maybelline and I Love…Cosmetics; as well as fun eyelashes by StarGazer and the first ever edition of the F311 newspaper.

Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate with Schön! Magazine, and thank you to all the sponsors that helped make this event possible.

The event was sponsored by SampleSaleHunter.com

Photos by JP Hion at jphion.com

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