top. TOS Gallery
turtleneck + trousers. TRINHBECX
shoes. Cos

Creatures of the woods, spirits of nature. Model Nouk floats through this Schön! online editorial with photos by Elisabeth de Vires and style by April Jumelet. An air of fantasy lingers – it seems she could disppear at any moment, leaving you only with her sweet memory. Nouk’s hair is by Iraj Raghosing and make up is by Joëlle Romita.

jacket. Douwe De Boer
jumper. Champion
dress. Guess
boots. Vic Matié
earrings. Ivy & Liv

dungarees. TOS Gallery
blouse. Schueller De Waal
body. Guess
heels. Fluevog
socks. Falke

turtleneck. Cos
trousers. TOS Gallery
ring. Mi Moneda
heels. Fluevog
socks. Weekday

dress. Louis Feraud @ The Next Closet
top. Weekday
necklace + ring. Mi Moneda

waistcoat + trousers. Schueller De Waal
shirtdress. ARKET
shirt. Zara
belt. Guess

jacket. Notes Du Nord
windbreaker + belt. Marciano By Guess
turtleneck. TRINHBECX
skirt. Champion

coat. Saint Laurent @ The Next Closet
shirtdress. ARKET
shirt. Zara
trousers. Schueller De Waal
earring. Ivy & Liv

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Elisabeth de Vires 
fashion. April Jumelet 
model. Nouk & Marleen @ Elite Models 
hair. Iraj Raghosing 
make up. Joëlle Romita


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