new york fashion week street style | part 1

StreetStyle 1

With looks flying every second down the runway upon the slender stem-like spines, Schön! sent our Street Style photographer Ally Lindsay into the streets to capture some of the best looks on the real people of New York Fashion Week’s in-crowd.  With a particular eye toward details – she offers an up-close look at the clash of textures preferred this season by New York City’s most fashionable – a pair of leather overalls over a quilted wool sweater, a rusty lunchbox paired with an uber-modern mesh top –  juxtapositions that will carry as much influence over the next wave of fashion as anything in the tents.

StreetStyle 2 StreetStyle 3 StreetStyle 4 StreetStyle 5 StreetStyle 6 StreetStyle 7 StreetStyle 8 StreetStyle 9 StreetStyle 10 StreetStyle 11 StreetStyle 12 StreetStyle 13 StreetStyle 14 StreetStyle 15 StreetStyle 16 StreetStyle 17 StreetStyle 18 StreetStyle 19 StreetStyle 20 StreetStyle 21 StreetStyle 22 StreetStyle 23

Words/ Seymour Glass
Photography/ Ally Lindsay

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