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With unrivalled attention to comfort, sleek design and innovation, Lexus has launched the newest addition to its collection of models with the premium NX. With a 2.5 litre petrol engine and electric motor(s), the highest resolution Panoramic View Monitor of any Lexus vehicle yet, and innovative on-board technology, the NX epitomises high-end performance.

Combining the technical brilliance of the Lexus NX with the game-changing creativity of leading figures of the fields art, music and fashion, NX-Perspectives is an exploration of cultural modernity. Bold and intelligent crafts join the new Lexus NX in a creative endeavour to define new forms of innovation.

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Pioneering new horizons in digital manipulation, the members of Studio XO have created a cutting-edge fashion film based on the Lexus NX, which sees human form and the technical design of the vehicle fuse into one. The process of digital couture, which Studio XO have showcased through their work for the likes of Lady Gaga and will.i.am, sees an intricate process of pattern-cutting and a close focus on materials come alive with CGI effect. NX-Materialised explores the futuristic possibility of digital skins, deconstructing the boundaries between organic and digital realms. With mind-bending visual results, the fashion film sees Studio XO and Lexus join forces to stand at the forefront of an innovative digital journey.

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As chief engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato, explains, “Luxury is epitomised by small but important details”. This attention to detail has been the core of the design process of the NX. With the aim of going unnoticed, if not for its technical and design brilliance, Lexus’ latest technical endeavours are the combination of structural beauty and functionality. With its three high-power engines and high fuel efficiency, the Lexus NX is designed for the kind of agile driving not typically associated with an SUV. After having been tested on more than one million kilometres of road, the NX is more than capable of tackling everyday travel in luxury style.

Find out more about Project #NXPERSPECTIVES here.

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