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all looks. CELINE

Blake, George and Reece from New Hope Club haven’t had a minute to pause since last month’s release of their latest single, aptly titled Don’t Go Wasting Time. Since their formation, the British pop band has accumulated over 2.5 billion streams globally (and a feverish fanbase to match). With their latest release, the band reflects on the need to constantly evolve and adapt, never faltering to one’s mistakes and constantly choosing to never waste time. 

It’s likely that mindset was the catalyst to saying “yes!” to any experience, including one recently that saw them sitting front row at CELINE’s show at Paris Fashion Week. Known for their snazzy dress sense and knack for selecting pieces, Blake, George and Reece pen an exclusive diary for Schön! where the trio writes about getting ready for the CELINE show, what it’s like to sit front row, details from the after party and more, all shot by their photographer Joshua Fairbrother.

all looks. CELINE

What was the experience like sitting front row?

Blake: Sitting front row, and being sat with such great company was a huge honour. I feel very grateful because this was my third show at CELINE and they never fail to amaze me. I honestly wanted to get up and join in! 

What were some of the CELINE pieces you wore to the show?

Blake: I loved what I was wearing for the show. I’m a huge fan of Hedi and his teams work so anytime I wear a piece of theirs I instantly feel great. I wore a striped jacket which from the moment I saw it I knew I had to wear it for the show. On pictures it really came to life. With the jacket I wore some classic skinny black jeans and black boots which I think really finished off the look beautifully! 

Reece: I wore a faux snakeskin jacket with a studded CELINE vest underneath. The clothes felt great on, the jacket had a perfect boxy fit and was definitely the star of the outfit. I wore black loafers too that I loved.

George: I was wearing this velvet jacket that as soon as I saw on the rack in the show room, I knew I wanted to try work into my outfit somehow. Matched it with this sequin turtle neck and black trousers that I feel gave it a sort of classic look.

jacket + top. CELINE

all looks. CELINE

jacket, tee + trousers. CELINE

How did you three start your day?

George: We arrived into Paris the day before the show in the morning, quickly ran out and got some food from a local bakery and then went straight into our fitting. Everyone was so lovely, helpful and collaborative when it came to picking out our outfits for the show.

Do you guys ever fight over who gets to wear what? How do you resolve that?

George: We all loved so many of the pieces that they had to show us but we didn’t fight over what we wanted to wear. We all tried on a few different looks until we found what we felt most comfortable in and something that we felt worked when we were all stood together.

all looks. CELINE

How do you normally like to get ready? Do you play any music? What were you listening to? And who controls the playlist? Do you all like to pile in to a room together or get ready separately?

George: When we get ready for most events we always get dressed together in the same room, it’s more fun when we are all together. Normally we do have a playlist on but this time there was an old radio in the room so we thought we might as well use that instead. We found a jazz radio station which really set the vibe for us while we were getting ready and having a drink or two before heading to the show.

Is this your first time attending Paris Fashion Week?

George: Yes, this is our first Paris Fashion week, it was such a great experience and we had so much fun. Everyone surrounding the show was so lovely and welcoming. We love Paris and fashion so it was great to be involved in such an amazing event.

What do you think of the CELINE show?

George: Everything about the show was so great, the venue was amazing and felt like the perfect place to have the event. The feel of the theatre was perfectly matched with the clothes. Every look was so good and I remember wanting to wear everything that went past.

all looks. CELINE

Fashion Week is always great for celeb spotting – who were you excited to see?

George: We bumped into loads of people and it was nice to just hang out and chat with them all. We had heard that The Libertines were playing a set at the after party. We are all such big fans of their music and it was the first we had ever seen them live so we definitely sang along.

What do you love about Paris?

George: Paris is so beautiful. When you are walking through the streets you cant help but feel you are in a special place. The architecture is stunning. The food is so good and everything is so close together so you can just jump on a bike, go explore and find places that you’d never expect.

What did you do after the show? Did you attend the after party?

George: After the show we went to the after party which was located just below where the show took place. There was some live music, some DJ sets. We had a few drinks and chatted with so many lovely people. LISA from BLACKPINK was so lovely and we talked to her for a while & Wiz Khalifa is just the nicest guy ever.

all looks. CELINE

New Hope Club’s new single Don’t Go Wasting Time is out now.

photography. Joshua Fairbrother
talent. George, Blake and Reece from New Hope Club
words. Kelsey Barnes

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