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Moncler’s brilliance resides in its authentic blending of reinvention juxtaposed with a uniquely classic ethos. This year, Moncler is encapsulating precisely this in its Genius project. Moncler Genius, conceived by the brand’s CEO, Remo Ruffini, and launched during Milan’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Week sees eight remarkable monthly capsule collections reinterpreting the label’s classic down jacket. An initiative that advocates for “letting creativity run riot,” each designer showcases different facets of the brand, reinventing the outerwear icon whilst keeping the Moncler soul. Unique creative forces in the industry unify to lay bare a new identity, designers explore new heights and push new boundaries giving us eight distinctly unique experiences — showing through creativity and ingenuity how a classic can be worn. This is Moncler Genius.

Moncler 1952
is perhaps the most exciting among the 8 collections of the Genius project as it is tasked with translating the company’s heritage paying tribute to the brand’s birth year. In this cheeky collection, classics are boldly reinterpreted with vibrant colours, loud prints and exaggerated logos. Over 65 years of history become the playground for a creative youth. The athletic essence of the label is distinct as the designs keep their function, yet the evolution is palpable in the brazen pop of colours. Despite celebrating such a legacy, Moncler feels younger than ever: it is no longer meant for snowy slopes but also the streets. Adopting and adapting classic elements, the revised outerwear staples feature colourful puffer jackets, sporty stripes, proud logos and accessories emblazoned with cartoon images and loud texts. 

Yet, despite adding flamboyancy and modernity to the pieces, the craftsmanship and luxury typical of the fashion house are still unmistakable. With the tongue-in-cheek campaign, the pure creativity and youthfulness of the collection are amplified, but the raison-d’être of the technical clothes is not forgotten. Performativity takes centre-stage as the models move in synch in choreographed poses breathing the boldness of the designs, having the lavish pieces stand out against grey concrete backgrounds — loud and proud as they move in unison. Uniqueness and unity are two staples in the Moncler Genius vision, and the campaign plays strongly with this imagery: each look is its own, but on the synchronised duo, they become a coherent whole whilst bursting with vibrancy. Moncler 1952 is for the young and daring and this happy splendour shines through in each photograph.

The vivid collection heralds a new era for Moncler. It showcases how the brand has elegantly evolved since its origins. Six decades later, Moncler 1952 looks back at a legacy and gives a refreshing take on outerwear classics, speaking to the new generation. If you thought you knew Moncler, the Genius project is here to change that, shining light on the many facets left to create, unravel and explore.

Visit to find out more about the Moncler 1952 collection and the Genius project.

designs. Moncler 1952 Autumn Winter 2018

production. NM Productions
fashion. Clara La Rosa
models. Maja Holm @ Ice Models
Mikey Boats
hair + make up. Claudia Savage using Clarins + Bumble and bumble
post production. Studio Navona
photography assistant. Dragos Czinjepolschi
fashion assistant. Luke Gooden
words. Sarah Osei


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