merry structure

coat. 5 Progress
dress. Pinko
socks. Wolford
shoes. Sebastian
bag. Rebecca Minkoff

For this Schön! online editorial, we’re breaking out the paint and power tools to explore a workshop from the mind of Michela Locci. Model Edwin is both the painter and the painted, the designer and the designed. Her style, coordinated by Martina Pelli, is layered, with multiple colours and textures posing her as a right fit in this workspace. Hair is by Antonio Navoni and make up is by Selene Tessera.

bag. Benedetta Bruzziches
shirt. Ottod’ame
earrings. Cristallonero

jacket. Darin Hacem
skirt. Francomina
bag. Giaquinto
collant. Wolford
shoes. Salar
necklace. Rosantica
shirt. Malloni
trousers. Hanita
bag. Salar
shoes. Sebastian
earrings. Rosantica
necklace. Lisa C.

shirt. Sfizio
belt. Sergio Gavazzeni
shorts. Stella Jean
coat. L’Impermeabile
socks. Bresciani
boots. K-Way
earrings. Rosantica

coat. Stella Jean
trousers. Darin Hacem
bag. Giaquinto
socks. Bresciani
shoes. Anna Baiguera
necklace. Rosantica
salopette. Patrizia Pepe
coat. Off Jacket
shoes. Salar
earrings, necklace + bracelet. Rosantica

coat. Francesca Marchisio
shirt. Cividini
trousers. Solotre
shoes. Cesare Paciotti
earrings. Cristallonero
shirts + trousers. Ottod’ame

earrings. Rosantica
top. Chiara Luppi
twinset. Cividini
socks. Bresciani
shoes. Loriblu
shirt. Stefano De Lellis
trousers. 120% Lino
shoes. Drome
bag. Giancarlo Petriglia
earrings. Rosantica

dress. Seventy

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Michela Locci 
fashion. Martina Pelli 
model. Edwin @ Dmanagementgroup 
hair. Antonio Navoni 
make up. Selene Tessera 
photography assistant. Davide Carlini 
location. Baobab Studio


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