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look. Florentina Leitner
dress. Brøgger
scarf. Florentina Leitner


Feel the love of this Schön! online editorial shot by photographer Fabian Busch. Styled in pieces from Brøgger, Florentina Leitner, Bibi Bachtadze and more by Theo Vasiliou, model Huijun is comfortable in pinks and blues, with hair and make up by Alexandra Merk.  

look. Florentina Leitner
jacket + pants. iam florian Schulze
dress. Stine goya
hat. Marcel von Berlin.

dress. Bibi Bachtadze
bikini. Chanel

blouse. Stine Goya
dress. Brøgger
tights. Bibi Bachtadze
shoes. Stine Goya
scarf. Florentina Leitner
jacket. Florentina Leitner
body piece. Bibi Bachtadze

top + body suit. Florentina Leitner
dress + bag. Marcel von Berlin.
boots. Tommy Hilfiger

jumper. Uwe Urbansky Handmade
underwear. Bibi Bachtadze
tights. Falke
shoes. Gucci
head piece. Florentina Leitner

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Fabian Busch
fashion. Theo Vasiliou
model. Huijun Z @ louisa models
hair + make up. Alexandra Merk
assistant. Jule Graf
styling assistant. Soutthida Saignasith


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