let the kids play

shirt. River Island


Kids will be kids. In this Schön! online editorial captured by photographer Nain Maslun, model Julian is dressed up right and can’t help but pose – styled by Karina G. Apiolaza in pieces from Nostalgic, Calvin Klein, Love Made and others. Hair and make up are by Macarena Nuñez.

shirt. Vintage
trousers. Topshop
accessories. Michael Kors
shirt. Nostalgic
shorts. Topshop

hat. Urban Outfitters
vest. Nostalgic
tshirt. H&M

jacket. Calvin Klein
shorts. Levis
scarf. Keiko
jacket. Love Made

kimono. Love Made
shirt. Vintage

hat. Vintage
jeans. H&M

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Nain Maslun 
fashion + production.
Karina G. Apiolaza 
Julian Angulo 
hair + make up.
Macarena Nuñez 
post production.
Manuela Ugarte 
Felix J. Fuenzalida


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