le ciel | valentino 2024 show

The latest collection of creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s is showcased in his forthcoming Valentino Le Ciel 2024 menswear show occurring at 6 pm Parisian time today, Saturday, 21st of January. “Man, as human” is the phrase in which the collection orbits around — an exploration into men’s psyche with clothing as a tool to tell a story.

Serving as a “continual reflection of contemporary masculinities” and what it means to be a “man” today, the Valentino Le Ciel 2024 Menswear collection by Piccioli sees colour — muted hues and all — as a means of communication. In particular, blue — a colour which is typically given its own gendered associations just based on pink being a colour for women — is “re-assessed and reconsidered” in Picciolo’s latest collection, redefining it and reimagining what a modern man wears today. 

View Valentino’s latest collection Le Ciel now.

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