law of attraction

faux fur vest. Gemmi
coat. Litkovskaya
dress. Sfizio
boots. Neiman Marcus
rings. Irini Design + Erickson Beamon

This Schön! online editorial, shot by Dylan Perlot, grabs mundanity by the throat and challenges it to speak. Rat race lifelessness is excised and a patchwork beauty develops from its remnants. Dina Vibes forms model Nora in this spirit – cloudiness and urban erosion combated with a razor-edged anima.

vest. Saku
dress. Miss Circle
bag. Kacy Yom
bracelet. Erickson Beamon

jacket + dress. Mola Walker
top. Orel Brodt
gloves. Ansell

dress. Mola Walker

dress. Vedika M

top. John Paul Ataker
shorts. (nude)
bag. Neil Felipp
earrings. Erickson Beamon

coat. Sfizio
dungarees. Musher Italia
shirt. Burning Torch
boots. Neiman Marcus
eyepatch. Erickson Beamon

dress. Tingyue Jiang
shoes. LAX
head piece. NARCISS by Alise Trautmane

coat. Salakaia
top. Mola Walker
skirt. Sfizio
boots. LAX
earrings. Erickson Beamon
stockings. Orel Brodt
belt. (nude)
faux fur mittens. Gemmi

jacket. Jungwon
dress. Orel Brodt


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by 

photography. Dylan Perlot
fashion. Dina Vibes
creative direction. Dylan Perlot + Dina Vibes
model. Nora Vai
hair. Helene Marie
make up. Vanessa Law
fashion assistants. Haley Peacock + Nora McCarten


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