kokschok by kim perets

all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

Introducing “Kokschok,” a collection and fashion collective by Kim Perets. Hailing from the Israeli city of Tel-Aviv, Kokschok was born as “an Alternative Fashion Week” in response to the city’s cultural and fashion landscape. Masterfully playing with colour, texture and silhouettes, Kokschok, the collection, emerges as a beam of light in a saturated and sometimes monotonous fashion scene. As a collective, Kokschok is a strong tool for collaboration — with the majority of members pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community — and its 
underground, revolutionary ethos is glaring to see. We catch up with the mastermind behind the project to talk about the inspirations behind the clothes, breaking traditional fashion and what’s next for the collective.


all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

Can you tell us the story behind the collection’s and collective name, Kokschok?

This collection was created by me for a fashion event called “the alternative fashion week” in Tel Aviv, operated by the members of the queer party line “Kokschok”. I have created this collection with Hanna Hamam, a fashion student from Shenkar Academy.

Kokschok is a collective located in Tel-Aviv with an underground party line with the definition of “techno gays” and is composed mainly of members of the LGBTQ+ community. People know that this is the place where they can be themselves and much more; costumes and makeup, drugs, sexual liberty, extravagant shows, and always big and colourful crowd.

What inspired you to create this collection?

The story about this collection was free like Kokshock. We took inspiration from the parties and their loyal participants. Inspired by the DIY spirit of the line, this collection was created with absolutely no budget and every piece of clothing is from fabrics that we found and clothes that we unstitched and reused in new forms.

When did your interest in fashion first start?

Since I was 12 I knew I was going to be a fashion designer. I have studied fashion design in Israel at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and in Milan at IED Moda. I graduated with honours two years ago.

Since I graduated and until I opened my own studio I have gained some experience working in Amsterdam for Iris Van Herpen and for other designers in New York and Tel Aviv. Now I’m focusing on my own brand and this project was my first independent collection.

all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

How’s the fashion scene in Tel-Aviv?

For me, Tel Aviv is always a big scene, not only in fashion. It has so many faces and a big diversity in people. Fashion scene is mainly in the streets. After all my fashion adventures in the world, I can say that there is no place like this city.

You can see the unique style coming out at night in parties like Kokschok and many more. everything is happening at the underground clubs where everyone knows one another and feel safe. Every night is a show and looks nothing like the day time. Also, we have new designers every year fresh out of the academies. Designers with high ambitions ready to conquer the fashion world as the academies are very competitive and with high expectations from the students.

all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

How did you set up the “Kokschok” collective? Who’s part of the project?

I am not a part of the collective. Kokschok was founded by Haim Vitali Cohen and Yochai Matos 4 years ago and is operating non-stop since then with theme parties every month. I have been to their parties on different occasions and always loved their free spirit and non-compromising style and attitude.

Last year they founded the alternative fashion week which was a huge success and included a week of events. This year they themed the event “Top of fashion, under the ground”. I was happy to get the chance to be a part of it.

What made you guys come together?

Tel Aviv is a small city, everybody knows each other.

Why is collaboration so important to you?

I have mostly experiences of collaborations in fashion projects and I have learned over the years of its many benefits. Each designer has his or her own special skill and a different point of view. When we collaborate we combine ideas and use each other’s skills and that’s how we learn and improve. The results are always surprising and unexpected as we allow our self to open up and evolve together.

all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

What does Kokschok offer that traditional fashion circuits don’t?

For this question I would just quote from the event invitation:

“Three young and unbridled fashion designers will showcase their collections, embodying three different ways of experiencing fashion consumption. In contrast to the accepted and traditional ways of presenting a “clothing collection”, the show seeks to break all the rules. These rules, riddled by the industry’s commodification, are reinstated by taking fashion back to its origins, to one of the habitats where fashion is created: the club; the world of nightlife. Just as we do in parties, moving on an axis between order and disorder, during the show we will move along a similar axis. The three collections will be presented in a chaotic manner, with their own unique constitutionality, “hacking” the social situation.”

What message do you hope to send with your designs?

I believe that as a designer, you always change and evolve. As in for right now, I would love to create clothes with no sexual gender. Fashion that is meant “to show” and not “to cover”. When I design I imagine my customers wearing my clothes and feeling good about their bodies and not ashamed of their own skin.

What’s next?

Experimenting with new materials for my new collection.

all clothing. Kokschok by Kim Perets

Discover more about Kokschok’s designs and movement here. Make sure to also follow Kim Perets on Instagram.

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photography. Malkiella Benchabat
fashion. Corine Swed
designs. Kim Perets + Hanna Hamam
model. Tsaban + Noam Maoz
hair. Zohar Lev
make up. Aleen Uzdemir

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