backstage at paris women’s | kenzo

Kenzo 1Models emerged from mountainous platforms that resembled roman aqueducts at Kenzo — they glided onto the mobile runway, sporting mod, triangular silhouettes, marked with bold quadrilateral prints. Designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon imagined a spirited collection for the young woman who only travels first-class. Photographer Alice Jacquemin captures the exciting scene backstage.

Backstage_Kenzo005 Backstage_Kenzo007 Backstage_Kenzo008 Backstage_Kenzo009 Kenzo 3 Backstage_Kenzo011 Backstage_Kenzo024 Backstage_Kenzo033 Backstage_Kenzo051 Backstage_Kenzo053 Backstage_Kenzo047 Backstage_Kenzo056 Backstage_Kenzo040 Kenzo 2 Backstage_Kenzo057 Backstage_Kenzo061

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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