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In an era where minimalism seems to be progressively and obsessively replaced with complex gadget technology, it feels harder than ever to source a simple, functional yet contemporary watch. Fear not, Schön! has the solution. A design piece to be treasured and unequivocally contemporary to boot, United Nude’s brand new Stealth watch is a brilliant addition to your arm. Following on from the recent launch of the lo-res United Nude car, founder Rem D Koolhaas is conquering the limits of time itself with the Stealth watch design. In signature plastic casing, the collection of watches takes inspirations from the geometricity of ‘70s design, playing on the popular use of plastic in that decade. Nine versions of the analogue watch have been launched, featuring hardened crystal glass and a silicon strap. Beautifully ergonomic, this design piece remains subtle, functional and understated.

“The aim was to create watches with a strong character, which is also meant as a counter reaction to the rise of homogenous smart watches,” explains. Rem D Koolhaas. “Watches, like shoes, are items that people use to express their own individual style.” Similarly to the genius shoe concepts that Koolhaas pioneered with a unique combination of plastic and architectural structures, the United Nude watches are a vision of future technological design. With a shape that was simply created by slicing a corner off a block, the impact on form is minimal, yet infinitely aesthetic.

United Nude

At the heart of the piece, a Japanese Miyota mechanism, displaying time, day and date. Its purpose is down to basics and back to classics, staying in line with Koolhaas’ love of timeless watches, which he avidly collects. As we discovered with our interview with Rem D Koolhaas in Schön! 27, United Nude has always and continues to focus on the exclusivity and luxury of design as opposed to pricing; accordingly, the Stealth watch strikes a harmonious balance between style and wearability. Always respectful of the lines of anatomy, United Nude fuses architecture with ergonomical purpose, purveying brilliance to simplicity and technology. 

As longtime supporters of the brand, Schön! will be hosting an exclusive event in partnership with United Nude. Following on from our first event with United Nude, we can promise this one will be an evening to pen in your diaries. Keep a close watch (pun intentional) and more information will follow soon!

 Discover the United Nude Stealth watch collection here.

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